Why you should not buy Jump pack DVD and the mobile game system by Trey Smith

You should not buy the Jump pack DVD and the mobile game System by Trey Smith because it is not as great as he picture it.

You should not buy any courses without knowing some facts.

First it was fun to watch that he was giving away a DVD about his mobile game experience (by free I mean you must pay shipping and handling).

It was an innocent move at first. I was waiting for something else like a course. Today the e-mail was out.

This innocent DVD giveaway was another marketing tactics to sell you a dream. That dream was to become the next Mobile game development studio superstar.

It is a nice dream but at $500 it is not a cheap decision.

So let’s check and dive in the mobile game world.

It’s hard to find success

In one e-mail Trey smith use the OMGPOP’s Huge DrawSomething sale to Zynga as an example.

The price tag was around $210 millions. Before you go crazy over those numbers as big as lottery money, you should know OMGPOP’s story.

OMGPOP made 30 games since 2007 before they had their huge blockbuster DrawSomething.

Yes I said 30 titles since 2007 and it is 2012 now. Those 30 games fail big times.

OMGPOP was almost bankrupt but thank god for them they made DrawSomething at the right moment after many hurdles.

You can check this excellent article as my reference for every numbers and affirmation I use this far.

One success is not enough

The other cool fact to know is success does not guarantee another success.

You may or may not know the cool Fruit Ninja game; the company behind that game fails to have another success with another game.

They were able to gain success with a sequel just like Rovio and their angry bird stuff.

You can read the forbes article about my last argument here.

Those successes are anything but unique.

My only advice is to not jump in this industry without passion with games and game development. It is a though industry, I witness it every day here Montreal. I see studio open and close every month.

You should be able and ready to fail 30 times like OMGPOP.

Trey smith tries to sell you a dream to fund his game development. I know it and they know it.

I don’t say his course is BS or anything like that but you should know everything before you jump in this crazy industry.

I hope I help you make the right decision.

Have a nice day



    1. Robert, it was earning $100k a month after investing $16 million.
      Do you think it is a profitable investment?

  1. Thanks for the info… I thought it was most likely ONE BIG UP-SELL but you never know for sure.

    1. that’s the problem you never know for sure… I always say trust your guts… if its too good to be true its maybe too good to be true….

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