Why you cannot make money online today? Internet marketers lie to you

Everyday, millions of people around the world are looking to make money online. You and I are looking to make money online too.  Thousand of people are buying courses, books, programs etc to make money online everyday. You and I are buying that stuff too.

You try almost everything in those books and programs but you fail. You fail repeatedly.

All this make money online looks like a giant fraud that you will never reach even though everyday you see big numbers and success in your e-mail inbox or on various websites.

Why are they making money and not you?

After 4 years, I can tell you why you are not making money online and why they are making a lot of money online.

They all start by saying it is very easy to do.(most of them) You need no skills at all so come buy the secret to become super rich super fast (sounds familiar).

This is where those internet marketers lie to you.

You need skills to make money online.

The first skill you need to make money online is to become a great salesperson.

How do you become a great salesperson?

You need to know those marketing tools that every salesperson should know.

What are those Marketing tools?

I highly recommend that you buy any good marketing books or go to a library to get those books. Trust me; you can learn so much with those books. This is the difference between success and major failure.

The most important step (start selling something … to practice what you read)

Let me show you those major Marketing tools that you must use. (I pick them from the shoemoney system, more of that later)

Authority and association

Big companies use it all the time. Nike and Michael Jordan is one of the best associations you may know. Every day big companies hire celebrities to endorse their product.

Why it works?

It works because you buy from the person you know, love or trust only….

Social Proof

You and I do not like to be first to buy a product…. How ever, if we see other “happy” customer we will buy it for sure.

Companies use testimonials to get this social proof. Apple uses their sales number or major media coverage….


You know this one. Let me give you some examples.

Buy now and I give you a second free. ( today only)

Hurry up; there is only 20 spot available… Update: now it’s 5 !!!

We close this offer forever in 3 days… you get the point. It is an act now solution … it works like crazy all the time…

Fear and pain

This is a crazy tool that you may use sometimes… let me give you an example…. for $100 / month you can add this super cool device to protect your car… people with this super cool device survive from every car accident…

This is creepy but with something like that, you feel almost dumb and stupid to not buy and protect you and your family.

This is an extreme case.


The fear and pain example was extreme but “disarm” is the most important one.

If I say, buy this Honda civic now … you may or may not buy it.

Now if I say buy this Honda civic and I give you a BMW and $1000 … disarm … you must be stupid to refuse a deal like that …

The whole Idea is to erase any doubt in your customers’ mind period….

We in this together

This is a section where you tell your personal story. You must always keep it 100% real. Tell everyone why you create this service or product…


It is a psychology tool. Example:  Oh, you want this S.U.V? Where are you going next summer? Are you going South or North this year?

The idea is to project the customer using the product or service with a happy feeling.

And you know the list goes on and on….

As I said, I took this information from books and shoemoney system last 30 minutes free video.

I highly suggest that you go watch this video and download the free document.

It is free but you need to type your e-mail address to watch the free video and download the free document.

Click here now to watch the free and download the free document to increase your marketing skills.

I hope you will love this.

Reminder I have no idea how long the video and document will be available for free so act now before it is too late.

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