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Why I will not go to affiliate summit west ?

All around the web, people will give you gazillion reasons to go to affiliate Summit West.

It is the biggest meeting for affiliates. (so what?)

This week I discovered an article about Facebook suing many affiliates and ad network. (Is it the real face of affiliate marketing).

You might think that Facebook is against affiliates.

Facebook loves affiliates but they do not love them all. Recently, I read everywhere that many affiliates lost their Facebook account. (many super affiliates….)

Almost, all of them were “surprise” and mad that Facebook is closing their “business”.

The reality, they should not be mad and they should check their offer. Most of those offers are just ok but almost every affiliate is ready to “test” the system to improve their ROI (return of investment).

I saw some ads; frankly, they were bad, very bad. (of course they convert)

Best example: those fake personal blog to promote weigh lost product

Those Super affiliates will be at affiliate summit west like everything is cool.

If you go to this event, ask them how they really make their money online. Most of them will talk about running some ads vaguely (or I cannot tell you to “protect” my landing page design, traffic source etc.)… Then they will switch to their “new business”.

Most of them are now coaches or teachers with their own “product” and their e-mail list (it is the new trend)

On the other hand, they will tell you Google suck and you are stupid if you are not using media buys, CPV or mobile ads. Why?

Those networks do not have restriction like Google or Facebook (right now until the FTC steps in)

It is a negative post but not every affiliates are bad or runs offer they will never recommend to their mom.

My mom only remembers the big lawsuit against spammers. (What is on CNN)

Of course, you can go at this event and meet great people. Personally I will not feel confortable shaking hands with people I have no idea how they really run their business.

This is probably the main reason the government will steps in the industry more and more. This industry is not able to regulate itself.

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You paint the attendees of Affiliate Summit with a very broad brush.

Take a look at the agenda and you will see a variety of white hat topics. We don’t run sessions on black hat tactics.

And we expect a representative from the FTC (there have been many from the FTC and AG offices speaking at the conference in the past.

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