Why I will never submit an article on ezines articles. Google spam

Year after year, I hear you should submit an article to ezines articles. They are the best articles business out there. They will help you drive traffic and get high quality incoming links.

You need ezines to rank on google.

Those are solid reasons I get all the time.

Now look at ezines article website for a second.

ezines article submit suck

There is a ton of ads and a mini “article” to solve or promote a product.

Not only the article sucks but most of those expert author publish more then one time around a keyword to make sure they dominate the search engine ranking.

Many people start to notice that there is a huge problem. You can read the techcrunch article about the broken google system.

I start to use blekko to do my search online.

What’s the best ezines articles alternative?

The best ezines alternative is a popular blog. It is the best alternative because you talk directly to a specific audience. It forces you to write high quality and specific answer for a community.

I connect more with guest author from my favorite website then a random article like ezines articles.

I never hear: I become successful because I publish on ezines. It does not work like that.

You may end up with money (pocket change) but you will not have a fan base.

I plan to build a fan base this year.

I think the best way to build a fan base is to reach out to a community and fan club online and offline.

Ezines is now the biggest spam machine.

I do plan to write my strategy to reach out other successful websites.

Last thing, it is not cool to write as featured on ezines article ….

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