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What can you learn from Jonathan Volk and his facebook ad guide launch?

This is not a review from Jonathan Volk facebook ads guide but a review about his launch. However, I still recommend his Facebook Ads guide.

Is it a great sale page?

I do not think so because I end up with more questions then answers.

Example: many facebook ads users complaint about the approval process… will this guide answer that question … in the guide yes but in the sales page there is nothing about that…

Another problem I heard about facebook ad is blindness… for some reason this sale pages does not answer this very specific problem but the guide talks about it.

At least it answers a problem… get cheap clicks more often…

It is very sad to watch that benefits are random stats about facebook…. That is not benefit for ME the buyer.

Even at the end of the presentation, you do not feel comfortable to buy it unless you know the man like me. Yes, you can trust this dude until I find a reason not trust him.

At the same time, I was watching the Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint launch. He tells you how good and credible he is like Jonathan but goes beyond that. Not only he shows proof and he answers specific questions about product creation but also he gives exercises to start right now.

At the end, you feel guilty not join his course and pay thousand $$$.

How can Jonathan Volk improve that sales page…?

Give away a tip or trick on a video to show his skills and knowledge that a user can test right now.

Where he can put this tip? He should put it at the exit when users try to quit the page… of course before is the best…

Anyway, if you need a road map to improve your facebook marketing go get it now.

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