Welcome back to blackysky

It’s been a long time since my last update on blackysky.

First I’m still alive… I know you are happy to know that.


I still have this huge dream to make the web smarter simpler faster and more secure in real time.

I truly think we can do better than this. The web should help us make decisions. The web should not be the place to fall into another scam or lose money.


That’s my new philosophy behind blackysky.


They say the sky is the limit but before we reach those limits we need a solid foundation. The web is our foundation.


We are going to live in an internet world. The main question is how the web can help us make money, have fun, meet new people and become smarter faster in real time.


I try to answer all those questions right here at blackysky.


I am going to separate the website in 2 parts.

The first part at blackysky.com is for announcements opinions and technical stuff.

The second part on blackysky.com/blog is for my guides tips and hacks.


Of course I plan to make the website smarter faster simpler and more secure in real time.

I want to make sure you get your accurate answer as fast as possible.

It is a goal. It is a hard problem to solve. I’m ready and I’m sure with your help and inputs I will find the best solutions.


Like always you can contact me to ask me anything. I cannot wait to hear more from you.



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