Twitter ad in hootsuite client’s timeline is ugly and dumb

I open my hootsuite desktop client and I see this:

twitter ad in timeline with hootsuite client

I update my timeline and it is there again at the top.

Whatever I do, it is there. It is annoying. I understand the whole concept of making money. I love making money too. But because there is a but…

Did twitter forget his own concept? Follow the people you want.  I love It is a great service. Last thing I know, I never follow on twitter. Why should you put ads from brand I do not care?

Oh wait I follow dropbox ….. I see  .. let the spam begin….

How should they solve this problem?

Put a delete button and at least push ads from brands I FOLLOW.

Bye bye Hootsuite… it was fun but I will come back with less spam in your service.

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