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Triple your leads with the smartest website like Lebron James decision to go…

Sport fans like me are waiting. We are waiting to know where Lebron James will continue his career.

The wait is almost over. On Thursday at 9 pm the king will tell everybody where is going…

Lebron is going to….

Ok I’m not here to debate about his choice ( espn is already on it) but about his main website.

Many jump on the facebook page frenzy (fine but not great) and they forget the old marketing style ( get your own data )

This is a picture straight from

He asked for your name, email address and mobile number.

It gives him a high level of interaction.

Side note: he created a twitter account this week too.

My conclusion: Lebron James is the next marketing engine!! He will be able to promote anything very quickly…

My question to you: Are you building your data to contact people as soon as possible

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