Trey Smith and The software system is a huge lie… an iPhone app is not easy

I use a special e-mail address to sign up to every “Internet Marketing” newsletter possible. This week, I noticed a new product launch from Trey Smith about making iPhone app. As a computer science student I was very interested about this “product”.

I land on this page after I click

I noticed many problems:

First this title: Download my free app maker…

Sound like a push button to create an app but it is not.

As you read in the right bottom corner, it is a template ….. Lie number 1.

Make an iPhone app under $200 and then “How I sold over $2000 worth of my app in only 18 days….”

The way it is put together you might think you only need $200 to make over $2000…

Back to reality: the app that he uses as an example cost him more than $200 (thousands….). On top of that he hire the developer full time now.

You might think, ok , it is still a good deal.

There is a twist because the gold rush is not as big as it was before….

Month before this product launch he offer a service or tool (I don’t remember) in exchange that you buy his app.

This all product launch make you think it is easy to build an app. It is not easy. You need the right team with the right idea and with the perfect marketing plan. ( if it was easy I would be richer than Bill gates now )

On top of that you need to compete with big companies like EA in the video games business….

To give a better idea … The daily, from, it is the new app from News Corps. They are spending like 500k a week in their app….

Source (

Before you go crazy in this new venture, you should know it is not easy and it is very competitive.


  1. I almost laughed reading this. There is something that dawned on me and it took a long time to see it. 99% of anything to buy online to make money is a lie. The 1% are people who make money using the internet and even that 1% will never tell you how they exactly do it.
    If they did they would have competition.

    I wouldn’t bother with things like this. You are smart too see through it. 🙂

  2. You make some valid points here. I think $200 was how much it cost to create another game based on a game he originally designed ie, same structure, different graphics and name. I think just for the programming / graphics for a middle of the road game / app would be $2k.

    But you have to remember this is marketing & sales, it’s designed to tempt you into reading more of what he has to say.

    1. the course might be good but the reality is you don’t need this course to be successful …if someone can blow that much money ..they should focus on their app and not in this “course” …. that’s my point of view about that ………

  3. Blackysky,

    I happened upon Trey’s course and got “the bug” to build some iphone apps. I got some great artists on board, but finding a coder that doesn’t cost $$$ seems impossible. The initial investment for the most basic apps is a minimum $1500, probably $2000 when all is said and done.

    Every dev I talk to says there’s no way in hell that the examples Trey gives were produced at the costs mentioned, or in the timelines discussed in his videos. Even guys charging $30-50/hr say it takes at least 2 weeks full time to produce some of the products Treys aid were done in less than 4 days for $200.

    Nothing adds up. Obviously Trey is holding back for the sake of selling his coaching services.

    1. the 4 days thing is a bit strange… I’m a software dev and I would never publish an app in 4 days unless I have a team with me…you have to unit test the app and everything. unless you plan to release a bug fix every 2 days… yes it is strange… about the price well .. you might find a clueless dev at that price .. ready to do anything for money… at the same time you might lose your dev info at the same time.. it’s ultra competitive .. 30-50/hr seems more realistic…

  4. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much approximately this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I believe that you could do with a few % to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  5. I have seen Treys webinar and I do agree with you that app are not easy to do but his software for building apps App Elite 2 and all what is included…still seams good buy.Moreover you can make social games by redesigning graphics only.

    1. go for it but trust me Apple is make it harder every year because they want quality now… Trust me they are killing crap every month… I don’t say don’t buy this program but everyone should know it is far from easy …

  6. I think you need to actually do the program to understand the value. There is a lot of great stuff all in that course. It’s up to the person whether he uses it or not. I can tell you now that I’ve talked to a lot of successful indie game developers from that program and it’s legit. I don’t blame you though for this post. I could see how it could upset a few but, as an example, I made a game for $600 (graphics + programming) and average $300/month from it. It’s not exactly $200 but it can be done. I’ve managed to get it down to $420 per game and will continue to find how to lower it more.

    P.S. Trey Smith vs. Blackysky… Really? I got money on Trey. Thanks!

    “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” – Some black guy.

    1. good for you … I’m glad you’re making $300/months .. I don’t want your money so there’s no Trey vs Blackysky in here… by the way it is a 2011 post .. at the time the program wasn’t that great .. from many feedback and Apple new guidelines …. the course is better now… My main goal was to say like anything in life app development is hard .. it might be easy to launch an app now but it is still hard to maintain it and stay edgy etcc … of course there is many success stories … right now there so many resources online and offline that you might don’t need that course…. but keep me inform how you are going to maintain that $300/month during one year.. are you going to create endless games… you should watch out because Apple is coming for more and they don’t care to shut down developers with low quality apps. my 2 cents

      1. LOL. No matter how smart you want to sound, you still don’t know what you’re talking about. Again, it’s hard to understand if you don’t take the course yourself.

        Trey vs. You – Not about money. It’s about the reputation. Trey is a good guy and he’s not talking trash about you or whatever you do.

        Making an app is hard. – Correct! But, only at first. Practice makes perfect.

        Apps won’t last – You’re right again! Lifespan for a game is short and that’s why people that don’t understand the concept fail. It’s all about volume. Keep building and don’t stop. Positive cash flow. Also, think outside of the box. You think people just continue making small games? No silly, we make BIG games too. Those are just for extra income. 🙂

        “Apple shutting down low quality apps” – You’re on a roll! But, that’s only if you have bad designers. The games pushed out on the software only look good if your designers are good. Or add extra features. Easy fix.

        This probably won’t matter to you though. Like I said. Success from apps or anything else will be decided on that person’s effort. If you just suck in business. Then you suck. What can you do? Find a job.

        Anyways, good luck with your blogging. 🙂

        1. I’m glad you did the program .. I’m glad you love it …like I said bravo … before you try to teach me anything I’m surround with smart people …. from ubisoft to EA and a lot of indie devs…don’t worry I know what I’m talking about … I have nothing against Trey .. it’s not personal . no matter what I don’t think he care.. I had a problem with the build an app with $200 and sell $2000 /months sell pitch… He wanted to create a program to help other indie devs .. no problem with that… don’t try to oversell it like we found a gold mine… at the end of the day you need a business model and a marketing plan … and of course a solid team… anyway if you were able to make a profit like that bravo to you again… but the build a solid app in 4 days with $200 .. I don’t buy it… PS: I don’t need the program …and thanks I’ll keep blogging while I’m watching the money rolling…:)

        2. PS: I won’t hide your comments unless you put dangerous links … I need to scan any links in the comment section before I approve the comment … I believe in freedom of speech .. so enjoy it 😉

  7. This post has been superb, thanks for the info and the laughs, on a serious note, if you’re just dabbling in gaming apps, would you recommend such a product to get going? the investment isn’t a crazy scary amount of money so if you have time on your hands and current web design and graphic design skills, this seems a very good start even if the promise of cost of game to be as little as 200 a little far-fetched… cheers 🙂

  8. Trey is a great guy and his courses and software are awesome.
    I have the latest PM software and course and I’m looking to partner up with some one.
    Contact me if you don’t have the Project Mayhem software and if you are interested!


    1. hi i am interested,i would like to work with you i am graphics designer , but how can i contact you if you interested ?

      i work with one of my client using project myhem artist edition

      my mail is it :

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