Trey Smith and The software system is a huge lie… an iPhone app is not easy

I had no choice to talk about it again because my inbox was on fire today. Almost every top internet marketer in the make money online niche was promoting this launch.

software system

I noticed something crazy though. They use Microsoft and Apple success to justify this “new” service.

Yes Microsoft made billions of dollars with software but it is not easy to make money with software. It is easier than 10 years ago for example but it is still not easy.

If it was that easy every software developers would be billionaire. I will go as far to say that no software developers would be on odesk to look for work….

Why is it not easy to develop software?

To answer that question I strongly recommend that you read Bill Gates bio on Wikipedia right here.

You will notice 3 things:

Bill Gates was extremely smart.(above average)

Bill Gates was a real entrepreneur (strong passion to build something new) and a smart business man.

Bill Gates was lucky to get one of the best deals of all time with IBM.

It easy to outsource a developer but it is extremely hard to develop a smart and bug free software.

Ok are you mad because you will get fewer jobs in North America?

Not really because big companies like Google Microsoft Apple and Facebook are still hiring top notch developer for a reason. It is hard to develop smart software.

By the way I check the TV to internet software he was talking about and the software suck.

Nevertheless, it does not mean you should not buy this program or not consider software development. It is a great opportunity but it is not the easiest path.

My last word about that:

It is extremely easy to build software but it is harder to maintain and debug that software. On top of that you need a great marketing and a great customer service.

Sorry you may end up losing money.

6 month ago those marketer would go crazy over Facebook and twitter now it’s all about software.

PS: to make sure I’m not crazy, Trey Smith hire full time those developers because it is extremely hard to develop and maintain software.

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