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The story affiliate marketers will never tell you

I did not plan to write something like that but someone needs to do it.

In 2007, I was introducing to affiliate marketing by a friend. The idea was simple. Drive traffic to an offer and cash in if you have a sale.

The Idea was very simple. I started with clothing but I struggle to make that sale. I read forums and they were all talking about specific offers. Car insurance, diet pills, mobile offers etc.

They were calling those offers cash machine. It was THE best way to be a millionaire FAST and a SUPER affiliate under ONE year.

I checked those offers and something was wrong. They were ready to give you from 20$ to 45$ ++…

Nothing bad until you sees the actual offer. They were ready to give that much not on a sale but for filling a basic form or a free + shipping trial.

You were talking to Affiliate managers and they will tell you to promote these kinds of offers. You were reading blogs and forums; they will tell you the exact same advice.

The way people design the page was very direct: go click here to get that now ( minus those important details)

Details like: before you get your “free” product trial they will charge you for the next one (around 80$) ( now you know how they were able to pay so much up front to those affiliates)

Those things always bother me before I knew all those dirty details.

How can a diet pills covert so well? How they were able to make money with a free pack of ringtones?

It was too good to be true. Something was wrong. I never promote those offers because I could not understand the whole process.

I bring that story up because today I watch a great investigation from the Canadian TV show W5.

They go after an internet marketer (a self-made millionaire). He made a fortune promoting those offers.

One of the things that actually shock me was to watch those victims. They are regular people like you and me.

Must affiliate marketers will say they are adults and should read before they buy. I answer, it is true, but those pages are design to convert FAST and make you feel dumb to not take it because “TV shows” “celebrities” endorse them ( NOT true)

On top of that, they were design to avoid those fine prints. (let’s be real here..)

Most SUPER affiliates promote those offers one time or another. They did it and cash in big time.

Now that the FTC, Media, Credit cards company, Police (yes anti-fraud squad) goes in, they are all saying yes those are scams offers.

The funny part, it is to watch them run as fast as possible far away from those “rebills” offers and start new ventures. No names here but I am sure you can spot them very easily.

If you plan to enter the Internet marketing field, you must watch this show. Money is fun but not when you hurt people and the police is after you.

Click here to watch this Internet Marketing investigation before you launch your first offer

Spoiler: the dude is 22 years old “living the life” because he used those scams offers

Ask Steve Jobs: where Apple makes money? He will give you a clear answer

Ask the same question to some SUPER AFFILIATE and they will never be as clear as possible… None of them wants to be label as a scammer but most of them did it and tries to come clean now.

My philosophy: if I can recommend it to a friend ( I do NOT promote it)

If the whole process is not clear like a huge payout for little money upfront ( I do NOT promote it)

2 replies on “The story affiliate marketers will never tell you”

I don’t think “Super Affiliates” were in on this diet craze as much as the struggling marketer. The super Affiliates bring in most of the affiliate networks money true, but networks like Linkshare, Shareasale, CJ, etc…
Now that rebill days are gone those marketers who made money will have to relearn the game, and are looking for other ways to take your money.. like crappy get rich schemes.
Most of the info that new Affiliates need to know is free to read online. The rest will be with rial an error. This is my opinion only 😛
Many of the online gurus started out years ago online and so many are trying to copycat, but they are the authority and therefore the struggling affiliate will try with offers that scam innocent people. Sad but it’s dog eat dog

many super affiliates are on CPA networks … they were promoting rebills like crazy … now that it doesn’t work like before …. they start their own consulting, products and membership sites… the reality.. rebills with dating were the most profitable stuff out there… the reality … most of them exploit loopholes ….

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