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The secret to e-mail open rate at 98%

E-mail marketing is very important. I decide to use it more now but I realise that my open rate sucks.

I use mailchimp and they tell me that open rate in

the industry is 18.0 %. That is low.

How can you improve that today?

Top gurus teach you headline.

Copywriters expert say that headlines are the most important aspect of your e-mail.

One of the famous headlines I see so far is “thank you.”

It is very simple and very powerful at the same time because only a friend should use thank you.

Headlines are great but do not increase your open rate that much.

Link in your e-mail

Right now, I see top e-mail marketers use their own custom link (their own domain) in their e-mail.

Personally, I have no idea if it works or not. I guess it helps because they use it.

How to boost your open rate now

Every tip above can increase your open rate. You need something faster and simple.

This trick is to ask them to add them to put your e-mail in their contact list. It is simple and very effective.

Many e-mails get into the spam box. To fight that make sure you get into their contact list as soon as possible.

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