The Dark side of Affiliate marketing: Why I refuse $1000 a day guarantee

I always wanted to write this post but never find the right time to write it. Today is the right time because ethics is more and more important. I know no one in this industry will take the time to talk about it.

In 2006, someone show me how to make $1000 a day guarantee. In the same week, I say no thank you. At the same time many affiliates use the same method and made a fortune.

I bring that up because if you want to enter this world of making money online, you will have to make the right decision. Trust me you may end up in trouble quickly.

Like I said, in 2006, I contact my affiliate manager and ask him what to promote, how to promote it and when to promote it. On top of that he gives me great information and inside I would not know otherwise. The number one tip he gives me is to promote ringtones offers. I did that and I saw my stats go from zero to $1000 in profit so fast. The main reason was the landing page. It was so simple free ringtones put your number to receive them. That’s it. I could get up to $20 by user that gives away their phone number.

Now the problem was the landing page was saying free but the fine prints was saying something else (a monthly subscription). Many kids get into that and end up with crazy bills they could not cancel easily.

Of course, consumer complaints were so huge that the police shut this down. Some affiliates had to pay back big time. The network that shows me how to do it shut down. It was a huge mess and everyone runs away from those ringtones offers.

During the first week, I give away every penny to charity and never look back to this giant scam.

Anytime you get into an new opportunity, you should always ask if this is the service or product you would recommend to friends and family. It’s easy to make a quick buck online but pretty hard to build a solid business for the next 10 years.

There is offer that convert very well but you should never touch. I know most people don’t care about that and just promote them. Now the FTC enters the game and force many people to change their old behaviour.

Always choose wisely and never go for a quick buck… there is a ton of making money online systems and 98% are not good at all.


  1. i agree shawn. not only that but networks who own their own technology and infrastructure. or who are diversified ….. if you do that you have a very different picture on the different spheres of people who make up the industry. this is fairly contained to those that fit in that sphere.

    would make for an interesting data visualization graphic…

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