The best of 2010 at BlackySky

I was very busy this year. I think 2010 was the best year of my life and I hope 2011 to be 10 times better.

I learn many things in 2010.

1-       Ship early and often

2-       Solve a problem and create wealth and then find a business model

3-       Test test and test

4-       Act now not later

5-       Help people without asking nothing in return

6-       Focus

7-       Network and ask for help

I learn so much this year.  I have many surprises this year too.

The most popular post here was How to fake check ins on Foursquare. Expect more hacking cool stuff. Nothing crazy.

Make more money this year was very popular too.

I receive unexpected comment from Ryan Eagle and Shawn Collins. Expect more post about my personal opinion.

My goals for 2011

Solve more simple problems.

Ship early and often

Find 1000 true fans

Conversion rate at 75%

Get one rejection a day

Proud to make money online

Happy new year everyone

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