Switch from sharethis to addthis? Share buttons are overrated

We heard about social media and we all jump in it. I decided back then to put sharethis on the website. I was not sure the tool was useful. I decide to try addthis because I heard a lot about them from various websites.

You know what? Addthis is so different.

I notice two things.

Addthis is easier and faster to understand.

Sharethis needs to improve their dashboard (last time I check the dashboard was very hard to understand)

That is a minor thing compare to this next option from addthis.

Addthis has clickbacks.

Clickbacks must be the most important tool every webmasters should have.

tweet button

You may notice many websites have buttons with number next to it. It means that many people share the content across Facebook or twitter for example.

Now my question to you is how many comebacks to check the content that they share?

It is a real question that most buttons cannot answer. It is a real question that I finally get this month.

From 71 shares only 1 person checks my content. It is very low.

My guess is share buttons are so overrated. It may be cool to have it but you should not go crazy about it if you don’t have great result like me. You may have this big traffic surge one day but you never know when.

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