Submit your article to ezines article suck. I said it now the best ezines alternative

In my previous post I said why I will never submit an article to ezines. It is good but I need to find a way to submit a great article that will help specific people.

Last week I stumbled upon an article on my favorite blog from Tim Ferriss.

It is a guest post about charisma. It is not a subject I will search on google. However,  read about the subject was very interesting.

You can read the guest post here.

Something special happened after I read this guest post. Not only I was looking to know more about the author but I was ready to buy his book.

Let’s look how he tricked me to buy his book

A quick introduction about the author

The context about this guest post

How to do it in 3 steps

A bonus: live video example about the subject (very cool example)

Explanation about this bonus

Finally a link to buy his book

Now go back to ezines article and compare the guest post article to any ezines articles.

None of them have this quality.

On top of that, none of ezines article has the same level of feedback.

Who will make the most money?

Ezines article author or the guest post?

The guest post is the answer.

Both will have massive traffic but only one will attract quality traffic.

It is quality traffic because it is from a community of real reader and lover.

Recommendation from friends and authority people are always the best option.

Now the next step is to reach out to popular blog to drive traffic.

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