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Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest with zero competition

Shock… what’s up with shoemoney readers?

I am surprise. I am shock. has over 100 000 readers and at 6 pm on December 28th, I only saw almost 20 applications….

I guess I should win just because I choose to act. I guess nothing is changing. Even in this video the last year’s winner was surprise that he won against few applications.

Because so many people decide to not act, I decide to participate to show those shoemoney readers that it is 90% action and 5% talent and maybe 5% luck….

On October 31 I said I will not go to the affiliate summit. My main point was the whole negative vibe around the affiliate marketing industry.

My decision was coming from my friend. He went at the affiliate summit during the first editions.

He learnt more ninja black hat tricks then any other places …. Of course Shawn Collins reacted and told me it is a better conference now.

I would like to trust him but affiliate marketing is so negative right. I have a hard time to explain my parent and friends what I do. Anytime I said I make money online … they call me the Acai man or a “professional” scammer/spammer.

My friend shares with me those tricks but two years ago he quit the whole affiliate marketing industry. I stay because I believe action is the only answer to solve complex problem and attract luck.

This industry needs to change.

People behind the character

I don’t want to go there just to go there. I want to do something useful over there. I want to interview the people behind the character and the business. I know Shoemoney but I want to meet Jeremy Shoemaker. I know John Chow but I want to meet the man behind the character.

I want to make a video that I will be able to show my parent and friends. I will finally be able to say this is the industry I like and this is the successful people in that industry. I will stop freaking out anytime I receive a check in mail because I will have to explain one more time “my job”….

It is 2011 and it is time to promote this industry the right way.

Maybe with a video like that, next year there will be more than a few contestants…

PS: I am ready to miss school for this…

Online Marketing

The Free SEO report by Shoemoney is not for you

Do you know why your competitions are beating you in every search engines?

Do you know how to correct this problem?

This is exactly what Shoemoney and his “free” seo report try to help you.

As an owner of websites, I want to make sure my websites are among the top spot in every search engines.

I decide to review the service because I can win an Ipad. However, I will give you the good the bad and the horrible about this service.

Like I said, I am an owner of websites and I want to dominate every single search engine. The first step is to optimize your website as much as possible. The second step is to get as many jucy links as possible.

This is where the free seo report may help you.

You enter your url and a keyword you wish to dominate.

In my example I choose this url and Facebook as a keyword in google USA as the search engine.

In your free report (you will receive it in 2 minutes or less—it is very fast), you will get an overview about your website versus your competition with that keyword.

As you can see Facebook is 10000 times better than my website (no surprise)

For $10 you can get the complete report (oh wait!!! the price is changing)

In the complete report you will get tips to optimize your website with this keyword.

That was the good part.

Many people will not be able to apply those recommendations because most people do not have those technical abilities to apply those tips. That’s a huge problem.

Do you really need this report?

For $10 (if it does not change), the answer is yes because it is cheap. You should buy it if you can apply every advice or you know someone that may help you.

The horrible part about this seo report

It will not help you. I am sorry.

I can give you an example. I can optimize my website for Internet Marketing but I will not crush You need SEO and Authority to crush your competition online.

Another secret:

You may never optimize your website and crush your competition because you website get juicy links from news website like CNN all the time. (Increase your Authority)

Another secret:

Being number one on Google means you will get more traffic but do not mean you will get more customers.

The report is cool but will not help you without Authority in your market.

You can test the free report right now here

Warning Marketing ninja trick:

Nobody gives something 100% free.

As you sign up for this free report, you also sign up for a newsletter.

The whole landing page reminds me those Credit Report websites.

The free Seo report is useful but it is not the next game changer for your business. However you will a newsletter from Shoemoney (is it good or bad … I do not know)


My update: How to fake check-in in Foursquare and stay a mayor

Many people search how to fake check-in in foursquare. They discover my trick and they use it. So far I give the best solution online.

You can find the solution on my last post here.

My solution is too effective for foursquare.

As you may know, foursquare does not use GPS. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to verify every “check-ins”. My method is too effective for foursquare.

Foursquare finds a solution to stop this huge problem. They give full power to the owner of a location.  For example the owner of a location can kick you out from the mayor spot.

How can you still be a foursquare mayor with your fake check-ins?

It is hard for me to answer this question. I do have an answer but the foursquare team will view it.

I will wait a little bit before I publish my complete new solution. Until I publish it, be smart and make your fake check-ins looks credible.

Example: do not check-ins in Paris then In New York in less then 2 hours …..

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section. Many people are looking for a solution too.

By the way, I think Facebook Places is a better product for check-in right now.

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Update: I will not go to Affiliate Summit part2

I need to clarify my last post.

The other day, I write a post about why I will not go to Affiliate Summit West.

It is a personal opinion.

First, I want to say “Bravo” to the team that organizes the Affiliate Summit. I know it is hard to organize an event. I do not want to be the Hater but I will express my opinion.

I can go back to my story now.

I receive many e-mails since then. Most people were shy to go public on the comment section unless you are Shawn Collin (the organizer). This is his comment:

I am sure that every session are white hat tactics and quality.

You can view the agenda here:

the agenda from affiliate summit west

I was not talking about the quality of those sessions. Those tactics are great but most “super affiliates” are ready to test those grey areas. That is the problem.

Some are able to produce results with white hats trick (like those coupons sites or shopping review website) but most of them test those grey areas. Is it ok? Yes because there is no rules.

A small group goes beyond those grey areas. At first, their “trick” seems grey/white hat but in reality, it is black hat.

From the e-mails I received people are confused.

Does auto-blogging system is black or white hat.

Answer: it can be black hat or white hat… it is how you are using it.

Does a blog is white hat or black hat? Answer: it can be white hat or black hat.

Moreover, the list goes on.

One of the most important key elements in marketing and affiliate marketing is “split-testing”. Some people are ready to test almost anything for a quick buck.

What do they test exactly?

They test the ad copy in their landing page, ads etc… This is where the trouble begins. Most of the time they change a word to mislead the reader. One of the best examples was those Acai offers and those fake “personal blog”.

Almost everyone promote it, almost every affiliate manger suggest that you promote it. We saw some ugly stuff. They use basic marketing tools like scarcity, social proof etc and they go straight evil with this offer. They use Dr Oz image to promote this offer, fake testimonial etc…

What is the link between those horrible marketing stories and affiliate summit?

Those dark horses will be over there. They will have coaches programs to promote to newbie.

I can remember the first time I hear about affiliate marketing. My friend was back from the first edition of affiliate summit. One of the “guru” (no name) promote is “free” program. The program was about creating a blog to generate money. The strategy, back then, was to create as many mini blog as possible with you favorite keyword. (add your affiliate links all over the place)

How can you not use this trick?

The “guru” is living the lifestyle.

Now, the industry is a little bit more ethic. However, we are not there yet though.

Yes, you should go to affiliate summit but watch out, there are sharks ready to sell you the moon.

I will not go to affiliate summit because I feel that there is better conference to learn how to build a real business online. (This is my personal opinion).

Can you learn something at Affiliate Summit?

Yes, you can.

If you go:

You should ask if the person lost their Facebook ad account, Google ad account recently.

The person answers yes.  That person was playing in the “grey/black” area. Does that person is a bad person? The answer is no.

My whole point was take note, meet people, but do not trust anybody without a huge verification about this person after the event.

Enjoy your affiliate summit west while I am working on my next venture.


Twitter ad in hootsuite client’s timeline is ugly and dumb

I open my hootsuite desktop client and I see this:

twitter ad in timeline with hootsuite client

I update my timeline and it is there again at the top.

Whatever I do, it is there. It is annoying. I understand the whole concept of making money. I love making money too. But because there is a but…

Did twitter forget his own concept? Follow the people you want.  I love It is a great service. Last thing I know, I never follow on twitter. Why should you put ads from brand I do not care?

Oh wait I follow dropbox ….. I see  .. let the spam begin….

How should they solve this problem?

Put a delete button and at least push ads from brands I FOLLOW.

Bye bye Hootsuite… it was fun but I will come back with less spam in your service.