How to buy a Facebook stock now

Everyone is talking about Facebook IPO.

buy facebook stock

I will talk more about the Facebook IPO in a new post. Right now I want to focus my energy to find a way to buy a Facebook stock.

I won’t make a fortune with this strategy but it is a fun thing to do.


Unless you have the best connection you are just like me without a facebook stock.


Right now the best way to buy a Facebook stock as a normal human being is to go on a stock gift certificate.


I know it won’t change you life in a near future but it might be a cool thing to have.


I have two services to show you. That’s my way to get more than one facebook stock.


You can choose one of those links below.

I am going to put those links behind an ad and a tracking services.


I want to check the real popularity of a facebook stock. Therefore feel free to visit one or the other website



option 1:


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feel free to contact me to share your experience. More important we can create a facebook stock club…


Why you should not buy Jump pack DVD and the mobile game system by Trey Smith

You should not buy the Jump pack DVD and the mobile game System by Trey Smith because it is not as great as he picture it.

You should not buy any courses without knowing some facts.

First it was fun to watch that he was giving away a DVD about his mobile game experience (by free I mean you must pay shipping and handling).

It was an innocent move at first. I was waiting for something else like a course. Today the e-mail was out.

This innocent DVD giveaway was another marketing tactics to sell you a dream. That dream was to become the next Mobile game development studio superstar.

It is a nice dream but at $500 it is not a cheap decision.

So let’s check and dive in the mobile game world.

It’s hard to find success

In one e-mail Trey smith use the OMGPOP’s Huge DrawSomething sale to Zynga as an example.

The price tag was around $210 millions. Before you go crazy over those numbers as big as lottery money, you should know OMGPOP’s story.

OMGPOP made 30 games since 2007 before they had their huge blockbuster DrawSomething.

Yes I said 30 titles since 2007 and it is 2012 now. Those 30 games fail big times.

OMGPOP was almost bankrupt but thank god for them they made DrawSomething at the right moment after many hurdles.

You can check this excellent article as my reference for every numbers and affirmation I use this far.

One success is not enough

The other cool fact to know is success does not guarantee another success.

You may or may not know the cool Fruit Ninja game; the company behind that game fails to have another success with another game.

They were able to gain success with a sequel just like Rovio and their angry bird stuff.

You can read the forbes article about my last argument here.

Those successes are anything but unique.

My only advice is to not jump in this industry without passion with games and game development. It is a though industry, I witness it every day here Montreal. I see studio open and close every month.

You should be able and ready to fail 30 times like OMGPOP.

Trey smith tries to sell you a dream to fund his game development. I know it and they know it.

I don’t say his course is BS or anything like that but you should know everything before you jump in this crazy industry.

I hope I help you make the right decision.

Have a nice day


Online Marketing

One week on craigslist: How to make money over there

The economy is crazy and horrible right now. It is not a surprise that everyone is ready to find a way to make money online.

Of course you can find the traditional people that offer a services or a product.

You can find escort people sending affiliate links all over the place.

I want to focus on those people:

Those affiliates…. They don’t have a product so it is hard to pitch something on craigslist.

So I was wondering how I can pitch something on craigslist without sounding like a spammer.

I’m targeting 2 majors market dating and dating.

My idea is simple I should give you what’s in my pitch.

For example: 3 tips to get laid tonight on craigslist

I give a useful report or tool. By useful I mean something that you can use right now without doing or buying anything.

After that I should be very transparent about the fact that I want them to do a very specific task.

I plan to do it by email like that:

Post an ad on craigslist

Put some very clever information in my signature. Answer the e-mail with very useful tips. Tell him that I’m going to follow up in 2 days.

In the follow up: pitch or not… I’m going to see.



2012 my online prediction

It is never easy doing some online prediction but I noticed some trends. I decide to put my thoughts online as a reminder where I should focus.

Everything mobile

It is without surprise that mobile is going to be king in 2012. There is a single reason for that, more and more people own a smartphones. Almost every young people cannot live without their device for real.

Should I develop for IPhone android windows etc…?

The answer is quite simple. I should create a web mobile app.

The reality is everything changes so fast. Last year IPhone was king and in 2012 the android is going to be king.

Of course each platform has a market place for their apps. It would be stupid to avoid them but at the same time there is a real opportunity to build something one time and works with any platform.

Maybe it is time for universal app or something like that. Anyway mobile is the right thing to check in 2012.

Dead simple

More and more casual and non tech savvy people are looking for apps solution. The best marketing and the dead simple apps are going to make a fortune in 2012.

The bubble is over in 2012

I think there are too many startups or too many wannabe dev on the market right now. I really think that in 2012 the market is going to correct the situation. Many people are going to stop any app development because of that.

With over 300 000 apps you can not fit everybody and many people are going to change direction.

Online payment

Put a payment link on your website today. I should do it too. More people are ready to buy online. 2012 is going to be the best time to start selling some thing online.


Blackysky Online Marketing web

Facebook PR move about Privacy for facebook users

I was on Facebook this afternoon and I saw this news from Facebook in my news feed.

I follow the link and I found out this page:

facebook ads privacy

I find it very clever from Facebook. You must educate your user before the media do it for you.

It is also clear that in 2012 it’s all monetization for Facebook.

The most important thing I can lean about that: educate your user about you business all the time. Transparency is the best tool.

Spoiler alert: it cost around 1 billion dollars to run Facebook today….

I plan in 2012 to educate my users more. I also want to be more transparent.

2012 is going to be all about monetization and transparency for me too.