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What can you learn from Jonathan Volk and his facebook ad guide launch?

This is not a review from Jonathan Volk facebook ads guide but a review about his launch. However, I still recommend his Facebook Ads guide.

Is it a great sale page?

I do not think so because I end up with more questions then answers.

Example: many facebook ads users complaint about the approval process… will this guide answer that question … in the guide yes but in the sales page there is nothing about that…

Another problem I heard about facebook ad is blindness… for some reason this sale pages does not answer this very specific problem but the guide talks about it.

At least it answers a problem… get cheap clicks more often…

It is very sad to watch that benefits are random stats about facebook…. That is not benefit for ME the buyer.

Even at the end of the presentation, you do not feel comfortable to buy it unless you know the man like me. Yes, you can trust this dude until I find a reason not trust him.

At the same time, I was watching the Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint launch. He tells you how good and credible he is like Jonathan but goes beyond that. Not only he shows proof and he answers specific questions about product creation but also he gives exercises to start right now.

At the end, you feel guilty not join his course and pay thousand $$$.

How can Jonathan Volk improve that sales page…?

Give away a tip or trick on a video to show his skills and knowledge that a user can test right now.

Where he can put this tip? He should put it at the exit when users try to quit the page… of course before is the best…

Anyway, if you need a road map to improve your facebook marketing go get it now.

Click here to download this facebook ad guide today before the goes up

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Facebook spam inbox message

I open my e-mail account and I receive a crazy e-mail…

A message that looks likes a facebook message but it is not from facebook ….

Look by with your own eyes….

facebook scam ad

As you can see spammers are ready to do anything for a quick buck…

I have to admit it is very impressive ad.

It’s a spam because the real link is not what you see.

You should not click or copy paste that link….

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Product launch madness with John Reese and his Outsource force service

I check my e-mail this afternoon and I saw more e-mails than I can imagine.

As you can see on the picture below, everyone was promoting his service.

product launch online

I am not here to judge about the service or the man… I will let you draw your own conclusion but one thing his sure the money is in the JV partner.

I wrote a post about the fact that e-mail marketing has an open rate of around 30%…. How do you increase that?

You increase that by having friends in the same industry…

How do you increase click rate and conversion?

Check this live course on the picture….

Check the title and the very first word


Frank Kern : The dumbest thing I did ..

Amish Shat : Just do it ( capital letter)

Brendon Bushard: How Highly-paid experts outsource (me too)

Mike Filsaine: Before you buy outsource force

Jeff Walker: after 14 years…

Then you can study their copywriting and the kind of bonus they offer.

If you are very smart, you can subscribe to same list but with different e-mail, address and you will notice their split test too…

Every week it is a live course just in front of my eyes.

So go ahead and let them spam you and learn from it.

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How an artist sells his free music but makes money with this album at the same time.

We all know that less and less people buy albums these days. It is a challenge for any artist to sell their albums.

I have a crazy story to share with you about a young artist from Montreal that was able to make money with a free album.

How is it possible?

It is very simple because this artist is doing business with a company called emusic.

The fan subscribes to emusic and downloads the album. Any time a fan subscribes to emusic the artist make money.

Is it too good to be true?

Nope because the fan do not pay a dime until he stays on the free trial. He needs a credit card though.

If you want to test this new trick, you should go ahead right now.

Go to then click the affiliate program links at the bottom and sign up.

Is it a good thing?

Not really because you will not be able, too reach the same fan for your next album. It is a sweet short-term plan only.

I will come up with a better solution to promote and sell your album online. Until that time, enjoy this solution.

If you need more help, feel free to contact me

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The worst case scenario for a website: no more search engine traffic and no money for paid traffic

This is your worst case scenario: imagine you have no more traffic from search engine and no money to pay paid traffic on a regular basis.

Many people will say article marketing or social media are the solution. However this source of traffic is low and sometime very none targeted.

My solution is guest posting because you can go after establish community and lead that traffic to you website.

Now on your website you should find a way to do two things:

Make sure this visitor will come back (e-mail marketing or something else)

More important make sure this visitor will spread the word about your website with a referral program that give them extremely great value to spread the word about you.

What’s your plan to avoid your worst case scenario?