One week on craigslist: How to make money over there

The economy is crazy and horrible right now. It is not a surprise that everyone is ready to find a way to make money online.

Of course you can find the traditional people that offer a services or a product.

You can find escort people sending affiliate links all over the place.

I want to focus on those people:

Those affiliates…. They don’t have a product so it is hard to pitch something on craigslist.

So I was wondering how I can pitch something on craigslist without sounding like a spammer.

I’m targeting 2 majors market dating and dating.

My idea is simple I should give you what’s in my pitch.

For example: 3 tips to get laid tonight on craigslist

I give a useful report or tool. By useful I mean something that you can use right now without doing or buying anything.

After that I should be very transparent about the fact that I want them to do a very specific task.

I plan to do it by email like that:

Post an ad on craigslist

Put some very clever information in my signature. Answer the e-mail with very useful tips. Tell him that I’m going to follow up in 2 days.

In the follow up: pitch or not… I’m going to see.


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