NSA your personal data not safe

I watched Obama the other day and the conclusion is clear. NSA is going to spy more and all your personal data is public for them. Yes, any e-mails phone conversations and text message are public now.

It was amazing and almost unreal. I watched Obama and I was like wait a second: are you telling me I should just trust the government and give the NSA a blank check with my data.

Apparently yes. I should trust them that no one is ever going to abuse that crazy power.

Don’t be naïve your data is public.

The government is going to make sure they can get access to your data at anytime.

The best example is the lavabit story

Watch this video from the YoungTurk about NSA and your personal data

Basically the government did not like the idea of a secure e-mail service. The service was so secure that the government was not able to spy on it easily. More important it was a service that Snowden (the whistleblower) was using.

The owner had two choices: give the data or no close the service. He decided to close it.

This is a quick message to make sure you are aware of the situation. My best advice is making sure you are comfortable about anything you post on the internet.
The government and NSA are watching. Big Brother is here.


Great but I’m not American therefore I’m safe right… even worst. If you are not American then the US government can do whatever they want with your data because you have no protection at all.

This is a crazy world.



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