You don’t need social media for your business

Ok Ricky you are crazy to say that?

Not really, I do think you don’t need social media at all. No facebook twitter YouTube etc…

Let me explain you why I say that.

During the past months many companies jump on social media because it was the new hot thing to be on.

To those companies, I say you did not get it at all. The only reason you should join Facebook, twitter, YouTube… is to increase the user experience and make them happy.

Some companies use it as a new PR platform.

Example to a great use of “social media” :

You sell food? Why not create a YouTube channel. In this YouTube channel you can show easy recipe for busy people.

In your store you can tag a food like as seen on “BrandnameTV”

The idea is to help the person without selling.

If you can’t find an original way to help your people so don’t go to any of those platforms.

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