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My quick KISSinsights review: How to read your visitors mind quickly

Less then 2 weeks ago, I install Kiss Insights code. (I always make a mistake with their address url because I always forget the “s” at the end) It was very easy to install. I put it on a very popular page.

Those are the results so far:

kissinsights review

I was still on the free version so I could not view more than 30 results

Before I tell you my opinion, I will tell you what kiss insights is.

Kiss insights will read your visitors mind. Sounds creepy but this are exactly the goal.

In my test, I use a form with 3 answers possible: yes easily yes or no…

There are many survey tools but kiss insights is in your face. (pop up with one and direct question) Unfortunately, in my case, people did not response very well. The low numbers of response is because the question was not very specific.

I will do another test with a textbox to make sure the visitor write exactly what they want. (Not sure if people will spend 30 seconds to write something without a strong connection with my brand)

I need to test that.

Overall kiss insights is a very useful tool if you want to fix a problem with your visitors point of you.

Important point:

You need to write YOUR own question ( pro version)

Yes, you can find the perfect survey with the free version but custom is better.

In 2010: data is king.

Is it right for you?

I can say yes if you do not have a solid follow up system in place like e-mail marketing phone etc …

However, it is perfect for new website or if you have a specific problem to solve.

I highly suggest that you test at least the free version.

Click here to create an account and read your visitors mind today with kiss insights

PS: click through my link and you and I will get an extra free survey (not that I need one but it is a cool bonus to get more data)

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