Google panda update: Discover the google SEO secret

I’ve read almost everything about the Google panda update.


The main problem about those updates is the definition of quality.

From what I understand from Google, quality is a piece of content that people share, like (or +) or people link to it.

Quality is more than that; it’s also the user experience. By user experience I mean is it easy to use or to get the information.

The ultimate signals that Google panda update check are your traffic growth, bounce rate and your percentage of new visitors versus returning visitors.

In other word, are you an authority? If you are the hottest website about cars Google will never slap you.

SEO just get simpler, focus on one thing and one thing only, become the superstar and watch your traffic grow.

SEO Optimization is boring now since rules change every time.

I highly recommend that you read that article from quicksprout.

Make sure you are the best at what you do and promote and share your great content everywhere.

You do not need a SEO firm , you just need to promote like a king with outstanding information.


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