Why Google sold more nexus 7 16 GB than nexus 7 8 GB?

The big news is the nexus 7 16 GB is out.

Update: by popular demand you can Get and play with your nexus 7 16GB or 8GB today

google nexus 7 16 GB is sold out

Google is surprise. Tech bloggers are surprise too…

I’m not surprise because it is a pure pricing psychology effect.

Right now you can get a nexus 7 8GB for $209 Canadian dollars.

You can also get a nexus 7 16 GB for $259 Canadian dollars.

It is a $50 difference.

You can add $50 and double your space. Is it a good deal? Maybe yes maybe no!

At this point it might sounds like a bad deal until you read the page carefully.

During this early promotion Google gives you $25 of credits to spend in their play store.

Now the nexus 7 16 GB is $234 Canadian dollars.

We are now $25 closer to the nexus 7 8 GB.

The nexus 7 16GB is more interesting with this promotion.

Now to make sure the 16 GB model sell more there is a movie in that promotion package. Yes Google is kind enough to give you Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Any savvy user and those early adopters know how big a movie is. It is really big. 8GB makes more sense with music and their mp3 files.

At 8 GB you is able to put a lot of thing. (unless you plan to put only eBooks)

So now is the question: are ready to put $25 more to keep and load your new toy for a long time.

The answer is quite obvious. At this price tag people are ready to buy once and never worry about space after.

I’m like that and I’m not alone.

Can the nexus 7 16 GB be more popular without the promotion? Yes because it is clear that people are buying the nexus 7 to watch movies. The promotion makes it a no brainer.

What can you and I learn from nexus 7 16 GB experience?

Price doesn’t matter. Price is never a real deal breaker. When you need something the value and reward from whatever you are going to buy is more important.

For example here people clearly want a device to store and play their movie for many years to come. It is obvious that 8 GB won’t make the cut.

So people are ready to spend more to worry less and meet at 100% their needs.

It is something I discover and I try to apply to anything I sell.

The big lesson here is learning and gets as much information as possible from your customers.

This is something I try to apply in my stuff.

Most of the time I’m surprise by what people really want. It is fascinating to see what they want.

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