Free Mobile marketing service by SMS

I recently got many e-mails about mobile marketing. I read some post and report about it. They say it is the next big thing. “Here you go have a course to teach you how use it now.”
You know what… you can have your own mobile marketing service for free.I notice it the other day. For some reason no one is talking about it.

The solution is twitter.

Nothing new there, you probably hear about twitter all the time.

There is something special about twitter because you can send message by SMS.

The idea is to create a twitter account only for SMS updates because we don’t want to spam nobody.

Once you create this special account, you are ready to rock and roll.

Your only goal is to make people subscribe by SMS by clicking this icon on twitter.

free online marketing SMS

(They need to put their phone number on twitter if they don’t go on twitter from their mobile phones)

Sounds pretty easy but you need a great reason otherwise no one will trust you.

In my town, the local metro service uses it.

You can subscribe by SMS to receive update when the metro has a problem.

This is a great example.

At my university they use it too.

You get update when there is a major problem in the university only. ( security problems)

To make sure everyone sign up they did a contest and someone randomly might win a prize.

As you can see there is plenty example out there. The service is there and it’s free.

As a restaurant you can use it to give away very sweet and nice coupons ….

Go out there and use it but please do not abuse it and spam people on their SMS

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