Free AdSense secrets to make more money without AdSense

I just receive an e-mail about a new buzz around AdSense and AdSense secrets. I did not use Google AdSense since 2 years ago.

By the way Google own me money … check this out:

adsense payout

I have no idea how I can get my money back unless I use AdSense again.

Trust me I do not plan to use Google AdSense in a near future. I plan to never use it again.

Back to the story

My friend, last year, starts a new website. He puts AdSense on his website. He was more than happy to receive his first check from AdSense.

I cannot blame him because it is a wonderful feeling. Then he wanted to get his check faster. He was ready to buy any books or programs that might help him.

Before you buy anything you should check out Google AdSense resource center.

I use only that though. The next Google secrets are to have more traffic period and test your website templates and ads layouts.

Why I do not use Google AdSense.

There are many factors but one of them is Google AdSense ad quality.

The other day I was on Techcrunch and I saw this ugly ad.

Of course, you can always block a URL but it was too complicated to manage.

My second reason to quit Google AdSense was to make more money with less traffic.

The only way to do so is to build your own ad.

I sign up to shareasale or clickbank. I put links on the website.

You can contact me and I can help you set up everything for you.

Right now I am working on an “AdSense killer” something more effective than AdSense with less traffic. You can always contact me to discuss about that.

So far the results are amazing.

My personal advice is to not buy any AdSense books or products. It is not worth it.

Make sure you have a great website with a great community.

Here we go I said it.

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