How I fake check in on foursquare

Last week, the only words I saw on my timeline are Foursquare and location.

You may use this service or not but you should not trust the information out there. (not all the time but most of the time)

The other day I could not use internet on my blackberry. (nightmare I know, and yes I use a blackberry)

Guess what? I was able to check in on foursquare anyway ….

How is it possible? I use the mobile site on my desktop browser. It is no secret that Foursquare do not enforce geo-location when you check in.

I login to

That’s the magic website to fake check-in . Normally you need a mobile phone to check in. However on this webpage you can check in as often as you want and where you want.

It’s too easy. It is sad because foursquare is less attractive now.

It is too easy to cheat.

That’s the reason I use less foursquare now…. Don’t worry there is better service out there.

How do you feel about this problem?


update: foursquare is active now to fight fake check in …but if you use the trick without excess you should be fine…


    1. yes I know … my page was too popular…. even people at foursquare check my page and block this option. this is the danger to have a hot and popular page

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