How to fake check in on foursquare like a kid

I am surprise that my story about how to fake check in on foursquare was so popular.

By the way my little trick still works. on your desktop to make as much check ins as you want. This is a cool trick but someone goes one-step further.

He used a script to check in multiple places at the same time.

Of course, this trick was super popular that even the co founder of foursquare comment about it.

I am not sure this trick still works but you can still fake check ins on foursquare with my little trick.

However, now, you need to do smart fake check in. You need to make it look possible.


Check in at Paris and one hour later in New York it is not possible. Before you could do that but now, you will not get badges.

Enjoy and tell me your experience about fake check ins in the comment section.

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