Facebook Like button: 95% of websites have this mistake

The special formula

You check this article for a reason. The headline attracts you and you read this article.

Most top marketers use a special formula to increase their readership:

Headline = controversy + numbers + subject or

Headline = nonsense+ numbers+ subject


Headline = controversy+ numbers : 95% of websites have this mistake, subject: Facebook like button.

As you can see, it is a simple formula to attract more traffic.

Where you should put your like button?

Some people say at the top.

Other people say at the button.

What is the right answer?

I cannot tell you. However, I can tell how you can discover the right answer for your website.

I use crazyegg to discover the perfect answer.

Crazyegg is a page analytic (heatmap). It can tell you where your visitors spend most of their time on your page.

You will collect data and be able to put your like button at the right place on your page.

Now the huge mistake

Do you use the right Facebook like button?

Most people use the original Facebook like button.

You can have it here.

The information is incomplete from the original Facebook like button.

I use a third party service like They give me all the data I need.

This is an example: stats

It helps me increase my traffic from Facebook and twitter.

On top of that, I know the page they share the most.

Try addthis today, it is free.

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