e-mail subjects are not important for open rates

I read everywhere that you need a killer subject title to increase your open rates. I discovered that it is far from true. Yes, a good subject title may help your open rates but there is something 10 times more important then that.


I discovered that it is more important the reason they get on your e-mail list in the first place.


Let say I ask you to be on my e-mail list to download a music song. At this point you expect only one e-mail from me: the one with the music song. Therefore any other e-mails may miss the target because you are not expecting that e-mail. You will put this e-mail in the ad “category” because it is not expected. At this point a killer subject headline may help but it will not impact your open rates that much.



Now let say I ask you to sign up to an e-mail list and every week or every month I will send you a great interview.


Your open rate is going to be 10 times better because they expect a great interview from you.

Your open rate is going to stay high (that’s the goal) because you produce high quality content. (That’s the goal)


I design an open rate formula. I use this formula for my marketing strategy and I decide to share it with you.


The perfect marketing strategy


example: the idea is to show your talent , your skills and expertise.


call to action: invite to join to get similar content on a regular basis


Thank you e-mail: tell them what they can expect and the schedule. Give them a bonus right away.

the idea behind the bonus is to make sure they remember you. People love extra gift.


Finally focus and respect this schedule as much as possible.


This is my personal plan. I was inspired by Kevin Rose and his foundation e-mail list. He has no killer subject lines or the cutest e-mail design but he has great content. I know his open rates are high.


I hope I help someone. I will definitely publish my result in the near future. Therefore I invite you to join my e-mail list today.

Cheers !!!!


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