How to create the perfect Facebook fan page

You want to build a community for your product and you think a facebook page can help you build this community.

You are right facebook page is a great solution but most facebook pages are boring with no interaction.

Those facebook pages are not boring because those products or services are boring but instead people forget those pages.

Even if you put the best content, people will forget your page. Now the idea is to find a way to remind them that you have a page.

More important it is to invite them to participate to your community.

The solution is e-mail marketing …

This is the perfect example:

create facebook page

you need to add a tab with a page like that….

As you can see you can get special update but you can also tell your fans to be active on your facebook fan page.

The more there are active the more they will invite their friends.

I hope I help you my friend but you can always contact me to build your strategy.

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