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Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest with zero competition

Shock… what’s up with shoemoney readers?

I am surprise. I am shock. has over 100 000 readers and at 6 pm on December 28th, I only saw almost 20 applications….

I guess I should win just because I choose to act. I guess nothing is changing. Even in this video the last year’s winner was surprise that he won against few applications.

Because so many people decide to not act, I decide to participate to show those shoemoney readers that it is 90% action and 5% talent and maybe 5% luck….

On October 31 I said I will not go to the affiliate summit. My main point was the whole negative vibe around the affiliate marketing industry.

My decision was coming from my friend. He went at the affiliate summit during the first editions.

He learnt more ninja black hat tricks then any other places …. Of course Shawn Collins reacted and told me it is a better conference now.

I would like to trust him but affiliate marketing is so negative right. I have a hard time to explain my parent and friends what I do. Anytime I said I make money online … they call me the Acai man or a “professional” scammer/spammer.

My friend shares with me those tricks but two years ago he quit the whole affiliate marketing industry. I stay because I believe action is the only answer to solve complex problem and attract luck.

This industry needs to change.

People behind the character

I don’t want to go there just to go there. I want to do something useful over there. I want to interview the people behind the character and the business. I know Shoemoney but I want to meet Jeremy Shoemaker. I know John Chow but I want to meet the man behind the character.

I want to make a video that I will be able to show my parent and friends. I will finally be able to say this is the industry I like and this is the successful people in that industry. I will stop freaking out anytime I receive a check in mail because I will have to explain one more time “my job”….

It is 2011 and it is time to promote this industry the right way.

Maybe with a video like that, next year there will be more than a few contestants…

PS: I am ready to miss school for this…

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