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Choose the right URL shortener before it is too late

There is so many URL shortener service out there. I did not know which one I should choose.

I decide to go with the most popular. I choose . It is a great service for many reasons.

They give you a great analytic dashboard with vital information.

I like the fact that you can know exactly where the traffic comes from. (Long url description and twitter traffic.)

Las week I decide to test a new URL shortener. This URL shortener is from Google.

They do not give you a great analytics dashboard like .

( I hope they will connect this information with Google analytics though).

However, Google gives you two things that I like.

First, their redirect is super fast. looks slow compare to Google. May not be a problem with low traffic but with high traffic it can become a huge problem.

Second thing that I like about Google URL shortener is their QR codes generator.

It is now easy to create those codes.

Look, I create this one.

blackysky qr code

Grab your smartphone with the scanlife application and you will discover the message behind my code.

(Hint: it is my website)

The question is or Google URL shortener.

I will keep as my number one URL shortener but I will use Google URL shortener to generate those QR codes.

By the way QR codes are going to be important in the future ( it is very popular in Asia).

UPDATE: adds QR Code

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