How to design the perfect Facebook page

Can you have the perfect facebook page?

I get this question everyday. Today is time to break this down.

I realize one thing, I do not visit facebook page that often but I interact with them more on my news wall.

Most of the time, the design is not very important. I would say the design is not important at all.

Does it mean you should not design your facebook page properly?

You need a nice design to attract people but you need content to create a fan base.

A fan base is the most important tool of a fan page because they will bring their friends to your fan page.

Therefore, your design should do 3 things: attract new fans, make sure your fans come back all the time.

In the next days and weeks, I will give you the tools and tips to design the perfect facebook page.

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why I did not post your guest post

Guest post is the most powerful way to drive online traffic to your website right now. Now you know the so called secret.

However you need to play your card right. Never sale pitched me. I will refuse it right away.

It happened yesterday and it wasn’t fun at all.

You must add value to me and my readers. I spend over 3 years to build this brand and I don’t want to scratch it for nothing.

It’s off my chest now I can give you great content again.


Update your Facebook privacy level now before Facebook sell your stuff

It is clear that facebook will make money through advertising and they know they have the best data information on the web. Yes it is your personal information.

By default, your facebook privacy level is an open bar to everyone. I love facebook but you need set up your privacy options now.

As an Online Marketer, I saw what type of information I can get. Trust me you want to protect your information as much as you can.

You should do this now.

Go to account to hit this page:

blackysky facebook privacy

Click profile information:

blackysky facebook profile privacy

You should put everything at only friends.

Important: if you have “facebook friend” then you should use the customize option and select only your “REAL” friend.

Go back to privacy and now click applications and websites

blackysky apps facebook privacy

I’m sure you have at least one friend that uses those facebook apps. Make sure you edit what kind of information about you those apps can use and own.

Go back to privacy and click search

blackysky facebook search privacy

Be search invisible.

Uncheck everything.

I share this information to my friend first and I feel that everyone need this information too.

I want you to protect your information and enjoy facebook without focusing in facebook privacy. Share this information with your friend too.

This is one of my most important messages because personal information is important.

If you don’t act now your personal information might go everywhere and identity thieves will love it.

Do it right now


How I fake check in on foursquare

Last week, the only words I saw on my timeline are Foursquare and location.

You may use this service or not but you should not trust the information out there. (not all the time but most of the time)

The other day I could not use internet on my blackberry. (nightmare I know, and yes I use a blackberry)

Guess what? I was able to check in on foursquare anyway ….

How is it possible? I use the mobile site on my desktop browser. It is no secret that Foursquare do not enforce geo-location when you check in.

I login to

That’s the magic website to fake check-in . Normally you need a mobile phone to check in. However on this webpage you can check in as often as you want and where you want.

It’s too easy. It is sad because foursquare is less attractive now.

It is too easy to cheat.

That’s the reason I use less foursquare now…. Don’t worry there is better service out there.

How do you feel about this problem?


update: foursquare is active now to fight fake check in …but if you use the trick without excess you should be fine…