Blekko is great for the geek but bad for the rest of the world

I signed up to blekko long time ago. I love it because they have tools that every search engine should have.  ( google I am talking to you)

Their seo tools are awesome.

blekko search engine seeo tools

That is the problem of blekko. It is too good.

Too many options are not good for non savvy internet user like my mom. My mom just wants to type something and get her result.

She does not want to learn those slash tag system. Personally, I love it but I am a geek. I have a coding feeling when I use blekko. ( love this level of control over my search result)

This feeling is good for me but not for the non savvy public. Those features are great but do not beat the feeling lucky by Google or the cute presentation by Bing.

I love it and I will use it. However, they will need a serious marketing plan because most people do not need a new search engine.

Go check blekko out and give me your feedback

blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.


Are you a spammer? You should never use unless you are a cowboy

I am on fire today and very mad. Spammers are everywhere lately. Facebook is suing many of them.

You should read this article.

Yesterday, I received a spam in my Hotmail account (yes, I still have a Hotmail account because my mom still use msn … I know it is lame)

PS: the new msn 2011 sucks but that is another story….

Anyway, I received this message:

There friend,

Powerful New Software gives YOU 24 Hour Access

to Satellite TV on YOUR Computer for FREE!

(Do not click the link, it might be dangerous, I am serious here) let you have more information about any link in their service. You need to add a + at the end of the url like this

The fun begin

bit ly info about spammer

You can get the user username and their affiliate id from the paydotcom url.

At this point, it is very easy for any organisation to track you down. It is like doing a crime and gives away your social number card.

Therefore, please if you are a spammer, you should do it like a pro only and hide you identity….


Facebook Like button: 95% of websites have this mistake

The special formula

You check this article for a reason. The headline attracts you and you read this article.

Most top marketers use a special formula to increase their readership:

Headline = controversy + numbers + subject or

Headline = nonsense+ numbers+ subject


Headline = controversy+ numbers : 95% of websites have this mistake, subject: Facebook like button.

As you can see, it is a simple formula to attract more traffic.

Where you should put your like button?

Some people say at the top.

Other people say at the button.

What is the right answer?

I cannot tell you. However, I can tell how you can discover the right answer for your website.

I use crazyegg to discover the perfect answer.

Crazyegg is a page analytic (heatmap). It can tell you where your visitors spend most of their time on your page.

You will collect data and be able to put your like button at the right place on your page.

Now the huge mistake

Do you use the right Facebook like button?

Most people use the original Facebook like button.

You can have it here.

The information is incomplete from the original Facebook like button.

I use a third party service like They give me all the data I need.

This is an example: stats

It helps me increase my traffic from Facebook and twitter.

On top of that, I know the page they share the most.

Try addthis today, it is free.


Switch from sharethis to addthis? Share buttons are overrated

We heard about social media and we all jump in it. I decided back then to put sharethis on the website. I was not sure the tool was useful. I decide to try addthis because I heard a lot about them from various websites.

You know what? Addthis is so different.

I notice two things.

Addthis is easier and faster to understand.

Sharethis needs to improve their dashboard (last time I check the dashboard was very hard to understand)

That is a minor thing compare to this next option from addthis.

Addthis has clickbacks.

Clickbacks must be the most important tool every webmasters should have.

tweet button

You may notice many websites have buttons with number next to it. It means that many people share the content across Facebook or twitter for example.

Now my question to you is how many comebacks to check the content that they share?

It is a real question that most buttons cannot answer. It is a real question that I finally get this month.

From 71 shares only 1 person checks my content. It is very low.

My guess is share buttons are so overrated. It may be cool to have it but you should not go crazy about it if you don’t have great result like me. You may have this big traffic surge one day but you never know when.

Click here now to test Addthis now


How to fake check in on foursquare like a kid

I am surprise that my story about how to fake check in on foursquare was so popular.

By the way my little trick still works. on your desktop to make as much check ins as you want. This is a cool trick but someone goes one-step further.

He used a script to check in multiple places at the same time.

Of course, this trick was super popular that even the co founder of foursquare comment about it.

I am not sure this trick still works but you can still fake check ins on foursquare with my little trick.

However, now, you need to do smart fake check in. You need to make it look possible.


Check in at Paris and one hour later in New York it is not possible. Before you could do that but now, you will not get badges.

Enjoy and tell me your experience about fake check ins in the comment section.