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Free Mobile marketing service by SMS

I recently got many e-mails about mobile marketing. I read some post and report about it. They say it is the next big thing. “Here you go have a course to teach you how use it now.”
You know what… you can have your own mobile marketing service for free.I notice it the other day. For some reason no one is talking about it.

The solution is twitter.

Nothing new there, you probably hear about twitter all the time.

There is something special about twitter because you can send message by SMS.

The idea is to create a twitter account only for SMS updates because we don’t want to spam nobody.

Once you create this special account, you are ready to rock and roll.

Your only goal is to make people subscribe by SMS by clicking this icon on twitter.

free online marketing SMS

(They need to put their phone number on twitter if they don’t go on twitter from their mobile phones)

Sounds pretty easy but you need a great reason otherwise no one will trust you.

In my town, the local metro service uses it.

You can subscribe by SMS to receive update when the metro has a problem.

This is a great example.

At my university they use it too.

You get update when there is a major problem in the university only. ( security problems)

To make sure everyone sign up they did a contest and someone randomly might win a prize.

As you can see there is plenty example out there. The service is there and it’s free.

As a restaurant you can use it to give away very sweet and nice coupons ….

Go out there and use it but please do not abuse it and spam people on their SMS

Online Marketing

How to create the perfect Facebook fan page

You want to build a community for your product and you think a facebook page can help you build this community.

You are right facebook page is a great solution but most facebook pages are boring with no interaction.

Those facebook pages are not boring because those products or services are boring but instead people forget those pages.

Even if you put the best content, people will forget your page. Now the idea is to find a way to remind them that you have a page.

More important it is to invite them to participate to your community.

The solution is e-mail marketing …

This is the perfect example:

create facebook page

you need to add a tab with a page like that….

As you can see you can get special update but you can also tell your fans to be active on your facebook fan page.

The more there are active the more they will invite their friends.

I hope I help you my friend but you can always contact me to build your strategy.

Online Marketing

The Dark side of Affiliate marketing: Why I refuse $1000 a day guarantee

I always wanted to write this post but never find the right time to write it. Today is the right time because ethics is more and more important. I know no one in this industry will take the time to talk about it.

In 2006, someone show me how to make $1000 a day guarantee. In the same week, I say no thank you. At the same time many affiliates use the same method and made a fortune.

I bring that up because if you want to enter this world of making money online, you will have to make the right decision. Trust me you may end up in trouble quickly.

Like I said, in 2006, I contact my affiliate manager and ask him what to promote, how to promote it and when to promote it. On top of that he gives me great information and inside I would not know otherwise. The number one tip he gives me is to promote ringtones offers. I did that and I saw my stats go from zero to $1000 in profit so fast. The main reason was the landing page. It was so simple free ringtones put your number to receive them. That’s it. I could get up to $20 by user that gives away their phone number.

Now the problem was the landing page was saying free but the fine prints was saying something else (a monthly subscription). Many kids get into that and end up with crazy bills they could not cancel easily.

Of course, consumer complaints were so huge that the police shut this down. Some affiliates had to pay back big time. The network that shows me how to do it shut down. It was a huge mess and everyone runs away from those ringtones offers.

During the first week, I give away every penny to charity and never look back to this giant scam.

Anytime you get into an new opportunity, you should always ask if this is the service or product you would recommend to friends and family. It’s easy to make a quick buck online but pretty hard to build a solid business for the next 10 years.

There is offer that convert very well but you should never touch. I know most people don’t care about that and just promote them. Now the FTC enters the game and force many people to change their old behaviour.

Always choose wisely and never go for a quick buck… there is a ton of making money online systems and 98% are not good at all.

Online Marketing

My number one online marketing mistake

I have not updated this section of the website because I was busy to promote a product that end up being a complete fail.

It happens to fail and lose money… I stay calm and keep smiling because I learn so much in this 3 weeks experience.

I understand that I had the worst marketing plan ever….

When I promote the product I drive massive traffic… I was thinking I was the best to do it.

I end up losing big time… the main reason the competition had one huge advantage… they had direct contact with people. Something I have not.

My goal in 2010: build this relationship with you to help you….

This is the dirty secret … build a relationship and work hard for you..

It may sounds stupid or simple but this my new goal….

Online Marketing

The one way to get more followers on twitter without software, tools or paid services

If you don’t have a twitter profile, I have no idea what you are waiting for….  So let’s go open one today it’s free

Once you have a twitter profile the next thing everyone ask:

How do I get more followers?

twitter profile increase number followers

Everyday someone hit my profile with a new piece of software, services etc to get more followers.

Listen carefully: Never use any of that software, tools or services to get more followers.

It doesn’t work like that.

It’s all about branding. To increase the number of followers you need to set up the perfect profile page.

Key point to add on your page:

Your name: sounds stupid but people love to talk to human not robot….

A picture of you: again people love to talk to real person.

What you do or love: I want to know if we share something in common.

City: people love to talk to real people from their city because they will share the same reference…

Now the most important thing you must add to your twitter profile today.

It is a link to an about page. You have a story then share it with the world. You will be amazed how many people will follow you.

I don’t claim that you will have a massive flow of new followers today but at least you will have followers that care a little bit about you.

Since I made those change I saw an increase in the quality of people that follow me…

Come ask me more questions live about that on twitter right now