Product launch madness with John Reese and his Outsource force service

I check my e-mail this afternoon and I saw more e-mails than I can imagine. As you can see on the picture below, everyone was promoting his service. I am not here to judge about the service or the man… I will let you draw your own conclusion but one thing his sure the money […]

How an artist sells his free music but makes money with this album at the same time.

We all know that less and less people buy albums these days. It is a challenge for any artist to sell their albums. I have a crazy story to share with you about a young artist from Montreal that was able to make money with a free album. How is it possible? It is very […]

The worst case scenario for a website: no more search engine traffic and no money for paid traffic

This is your worst case scenario: imagine you have no more traffic from search engine and no money to pay paid traffic on a regular basis. Many people will say article marketing or social media are the solution. However this source of traffic is low and sometime very none targeted. My solution is guest posting […]

Affiliate marketing is like a twitter app developer: not a business

I read almost everything about twitter and his new plan to fill up those holes. The new twitter plan may kill many twitter app start-ups as soon as now. The main problem is building a business on top of a platform. The best example is twitpic or They create a great feature for twitter […]