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Get an Iphone 4 32GB contract free for $6.92

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about making money online by selling Iphone 4. Some people noticed the opportunity and they acted as fast as possible.

I have now a follow up message form one of those penny auction like bidrivals.

They were able to sell an Iphone 4 32GB contract free for $6.92

Yes, I said $6.92… Check the message I received:

Iphone 4 in an auction market

At this price, you can go and sell it anywhere else with a huge margin.

That is a no brainer deal.

Click here to test bidrivals

Special note: I have no affiliation with bidrivals, I’m not making money for this free promotion (unfortunately but you can call bidrivals and tell them I refer you)

I am not responsible if you lose money with them … (I hope they have a great business)

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Easy ways to make money online fast by selling an Iphone 4

The other day I receive an e-mail to buy an Iphone 4 at a very low price. We all know that the iphone 4 is very popular these days. Get an iphone 4 at a low price is almost impossible.

It is impossible until that:

Can you see the price: $0.98 CAD

Now you can get one of the most fun phones on the market. It is very useful and fast for you business. Or you just discover a new cash flow to exploit.

Before you jump around, it is 100% certain you will not buy it at this low price. It is an auction from bidrivals.

Bidrivals is a penny auction style. You will pay the auction price + every bids you make.

You may end up at a high price or at a very low price.(the best part)

Many people walk away with a new Xbox or Macbook Pro at a very low price.

If you get that low price, you can go hard and sell it on craigslist or ebay easily.

Of course, you need to win your auction atbidrivals.

Penny auctions are the best place right now to get an Iphone 4 or any electronics at low price. (It is hard to win and control, huge learning curve)

You need to learn the game but those penny auctions are hard sometimes. (Yes, you can lose money)

I can write more about those pennies auction if you want.

Go ahead and go buy as many iphone 4 as possible and sell it on craigslist or any local classifieds.

If you think this a cool trick then make sure you check this out:

Click here to watch step-by-step videos to make money online fast this month

I hope you will apply this trick but do not worry I am coming with more.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at anytime.

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My quick KISSinsights review: How to read your visitors mind quickly

Less then 2 weeks ago, I install Kiss Insights code. (I always make a mistake with their address url because I always forget the “s” at the end) It was very easy to install. I put it on a very popular page.

Those are the results so far:

kissinsights review

I was still on the free version so I could not view more than 30 results

Before I tell you my opinion, I will tell you what kiss insights is.

Kiss insights will read your visitors mind. Sounds creepy but this are exactly the goal.

In my test, I use a form with 3 answers possible: yes easily yes or no…

There are many survey tools but kiss insights is in your face. (pop up with one and direct question) Unfortunately, in my case, people did not response very well. The low numbers of response is because the question was not very specific.

I will do another test with a textbox to make sure the visitor write exactly what they want. (Not sure if people will spend 30 seconds to write something without a strong connection with my brand)

I need to test that.

Overall kiss insights is a very useful tool if you want to fix a problem with your visitors point of you.

Important point:

You need to write YOUR own question ( pro version)

Yes, you can find the perfect survey with the free version but custom is better.

In 2010: data is king.

Is it right for you?

I can say yes if you do not have a solid follow up system in place like e-mail marketing phone etc …

However, it is perfect for new website or if you have a specific problem to solve.

I highly suggest that you test at least the free version.

Click here to create an account and read your visitors mind today with kiss insights

PS: click through my link and you and I will get an extra free survey (not that I need one but it is a cool bonus to get more data)

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The story affiliate marketers will never tell you

I did not plan to write something like that but someone needs to do it.

In 2007, I was introducing to affiliate marketing by a friend. The idea was simple. Drive traffic to an offer and cash in if you have a sale.

The Idea was very simple. I started with clothing but I struggle to make that sale. I read forums and they were all talking about specific offers. Car insurance, diet pills, mobile offers etc.

They were calling those offers cash machine. It was THE best way to be a millionaire FAST and a SUPER affiliate under ONE year.

I checked those offers and something was wrong. They were ready to give you from 20$ to 45$ ++…

Nothing bad until you sees the actual offer. They were ready to give that much not on a sale but for filling a basic form or a free + shipping trial.

You were talking to Affiliate managers and they will tell you to promote these kinds of offers. You were reading blogs and forums; they will tell you the exact same advice.

The way people design the page was very direct: go click here to get that now ( minus those important details)

Details like: before you get your “free” product trial they will charge you for the next one (around 80$) ( now you know how they were able to pay so much up front to those affiliates)

Those things always bother me before I knew all those dirty details.

How can a diet pills covert so well? How they were able to make money with a free pack of ringtones?

It was too good to be true. Something was wrong. I never promote those offers because I could not understand the whole process.

I bring that story up because today I watch a great investigation from the Canadian TV show W5.

They go after an internet marketer (a self-made millionaire). He made a fortune promoting those offers.

One of the things that actually shock me was to watch those victims. They are regular people like you and me.

Must affiliate marketers will say they are adults and should read before they buy. I answer, it is true, but those pages are design to convert FAST and make you feel dumb to not take it because “TV shows” “celebrities” endorse them ( NOT true)

On top of that, they were design to avoid those fine prints. (let’s be real here..)

Most SUPER affiliates promote those offers one time or another. They did it and cash in big time.

Now that the FTC, Media, Credit cards company, Police (yes anti-fraud squad) goes in, they are all saying yes those are scams offers.

The funny part, it is to watch them run as fast as possible far away from those “rebills” offers and start new ventures. No names here but I am sure you can spot them very easily.

If you plan to enter the Internet marketing field, you must watch this show. Money is fun but not when you hurt people and the police is after you.

Click here to watch this Internet Marketing investigation before you launch your first offer

Spoiler: the dude is 22 years old “living the life” because he used those scams offers

Ask Steve Jobs: where Apple makes money? He will give you a clear answer

Ask the same question to some SUPER AFFILIATE and they will never be as clear as possible… None of them wants to be label as a scammer but most of them did it and tries to come clean now.

My philosophy: if I can recommend it to a friend ( I do NOT promote it)

If the whole process is not clear like a huge payout for little money upfront ( I do NOT promote it)

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What can you learn from Jonathan Volk and his facebook ad guide launch?

This is not a review from Jonathan Volk facebook ads guide but a review about his launch. However, I still recommend his Facebook Ads guide.

Is it a great sale page?

I do not think so because I end up with more questions then answers.

Example: many facebook ads users complaint about the approval process… will this guide answer that question … in the guide yes but in the sales page there is nothing about that…

Another problem I heard about facebook ad is blindness… for some reason this sale pages does not answer this very specific problem but the guide talks about it.

At least it answers a problem… get cheap clicks more often…

It is very sad to watch that benefits are random stats about facebook…. That is not benefit for ME the buyer.

Even at the end of the presentation, you do not feel comfortable to buy it unless you know the man like me. Yes, you can trust this dude until I find a reason not trust him.

At the same time, I was watching the Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint launch. He tells you how good and credible he is like Jonathan but goes beyond that. Not only he shows proof and he answers specific questions about product creation but also he gives exercises to start right now.

At the end, you feel guilty not join his course and pay thousand $$$.

How can Jonathan Volk improve that sales page…?

Give away a tip or trick on a video to show his skills and knowledge that a user can test right now.

Where he can put this tip? He should put it at the exit when users try to quit the page… of course before is the best…

Anyway, if you need a road map to improve your facebook marketing go get it now.

Click here to download this facebook ad guide today before the goes up