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Submit your article to ezines article suck. I said it now the best ezines alternative

In my previous post I said why I will never submit an article to ezines. It is good but I need to find a way to submit a great article that will help specific people.

Last week I stumbled upon an article on my favorite blog from Tim Ferriss.

It is a guest post about charisma. It is not a subject I will search on google. However,  read about the subject was very interesting.

You can read the guest post here.

Something special happened after I read this guest post. Not only I was looking to know more about the author but I was ready to buy his book.

Let’s look how he tricked me to buy his book

A quick introduction about the author

The context about this guest post

How to do it in 3 steps

A bonus: live video example about the subject (very cool example)

Explanation about this bonus

Finally a link to buy his book

Now go back to ezines article and compare the guest post article to any ezines articles.

None of them have this quality.

On top of that, none of ezines article has the same level of feedback.

Who will make the most money?

Ezines article author or the guest post?

The guest post is the answer.

Both will have massive traffic but only one will attract quality traffic.

It is quality traffic because it is from a community of real reader and lover.

Recommendation from friends and authority people are always the best option.

Now the next step is to reach out to popular blog to drive traffic.

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Why I will never submit an article on ezines articles. Google spam

Year after year, I hear you should submit an article to ezines articles. They are the best articles business out there. They will help you drive traffic and get high quality incoming links.

You need ezines to rank on google.

Those are solid reasons I get all the time.

Now look at ezines article website for a second.

ezines article submit suck

There is a ton of ads and a mini “article” to solve or promote a product.

Not only the article sucks but most of those expert author publish more then one time around a keyword to make sure they dominate the search engine ranking.

Many people start to notice that there is a huge problem. You can read the techcrunch article about the broken google system.

I start to use blekko to do my search online.

What’s the best ezines articles alternative?

The best ezines alternative is a popular blog. It is the best alternative because you talk directly to a specific audience. It forces you to write high quality and specific answer for a community.

I connect more with guest author from my favorite website then a random article like ezines articles.

I never hear: I become successful because I publish on ezines. It does not work like that.

You may end up with money (pocket change) but you will not have a fan base.

I plan to build a fan base this year.

I think the best way to build a fan base is to reach out to a community and fan club online and offline.

Ezines is now the biggest spam machine.

I do plan to write my strategy to reach out other successful websites.

Last thing, it is not cool to write as featured on ezines article ….

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The best of 2010 at BlackySky

I was very busy this year. I think 2010 was the best year of my life and I hope 2011 to be 10 times better.

I learn many things in 2010.

1-       Ship early and often

2-       Solve a problem and create wealth and then find a business model

3-       Test test and test

4-       Act now not later

5-       Help people without asking nothing in return

6-       Focus

7-       Network and ask for help

I learn so much this year.  I have many surprises this year too.

The most popular post here was How to fake check ins on Foursquare. Expect more hacking cool stuff. Nothing crazy.

Make more money this year was very popular too.

I receive unexpected comment from Ryan Eagle and Shawn Collins. Expect more post about my personal opinion.

My goals for 2011

Solve more simple problems.

Ship early and often

Find 1000 true fans

Conversion rate at 75%

Get one rejection a day

Proud to make money online

Happy new year everyone

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Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest with zero competition

Shock… what’s up with shoemoney readers?

I am surprise. I am shock. has over 100 000 readers and at 6 pm on December 28th, I only saw almost 20 applications….

I guess I should win just because I choose to act. I guess nothing is changing. Even in this video the last year’s winner was surprise that he won against few applications.

Because so many people decide to not act, I decide to participate to show those shoemoney readers that it is 90% action and 5% talent and maybe 5% luck….

On October 31 I said I will not go to the affiliate summit. My main point was the whole negative vibe around the affiliate marketing industry.

My decision was coming from my friend. He went at the affiliate summit during the first editions.

He learnt more ninja black hat tricks then any other places …. Of course Shawn Collins reacted and told me it is a better conference now.

I would like to trust him but affiliate marketing is so negative right. I have a hard time to explain my parent and friends what I do. Anytime I said I make money online … they call me the Acai man or a “professional” scammer/spammer.

My friend shares with me those tricks but two years ago he quit the whole affiliate marketing industry. I stay because I believe action is the only answer to solve complex problem and attract luck.

This industry needs to change.

People behind the character

I don’t want to go there just to go there. I want to do something useful over there. I want to interview the people behind the character and the business. I know Shoemoney but I want to meet Jeremy Shoemaker. I know John Chow but I want to meet the man behind the character.

I want to make a video that I will be able to show my parent and friends. I will finally be able to say this is the industry I like and this is the successful people in that industry. I will stop freaking out anytime I receive a check in mail because I will have to explain one more time “my job”….

It is 2011 and it is time to promote this industry the right way.

Maybe with a video like that, next year there will be more than a few contestants…

PS: I am ready to miss school for this…

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The Free SEO report by Shoemoney is not for you

Do you know why your competitions are beating you in every search engines?

Do you know how to correct this problem?

This is exactly what Shoemoney and his “free” seo report try to help you.

As an owner of websites, I want to make sure my websites are among the top spot in every search engines.

I decide to review the service because I can win an Ipad. However, I will give you the good the bad and the horrible about this service.

Like I said, I am an owner of websites and I want to dominate every single search engine. The first step is to optimize your website as much as possible. The second step is to get as many jucy links as possible.

This is where the free seo report may help you.

You enter your url and a keyword you wish to dominate.

In my example I choose this url and Facebook as a keyword in google USA as the search engine.

In your free report (you will receive it in 2 minutes or less—it is very fast), you will get an overview about your website versus your competition with that keyword.

As you can see Facebook is 10000 times better than my website (no surprise)

For $10 you can get the complete report (oh wait!!! the price is changing)

In the complete report you will get tips to optimize your website with this keyword.

That was the good part.

Many people will not be able to apply those recommendations because most people do not have those technical abilities to apply those tips. That’s a huge problem.

Do you really need this report?

For $10 (if it does not change), the answer is yes because it is cheap. You should buy it if you can apply every advice or you know someone that may help you.

The horrible part about this seo report

It will not help you. I am sorry.

I can give you an example. I can optimize my website for Internet Marketing but I will not crush You need SEO and Authority to crush your competition online.

Another secret:

You may never optimize your website and crush your competition because you website get juicy links from news website like CNN all the time. (Increase your Authority)

Another secret:

Being number one on Google means you will get more traffic but do not mean you will get more customers.

The report is cool but will not help you without Authority in your market.

You can test the free report right now here

Warning Marketing ninja trick:

Nobody gives something 100% free.

As you sign up for this free report, you also sign up for a newsletter.

The whole landing page reminds me those Credit Report websites.

The free Seo report is useful but it is not the next game changer for your business. However you will a newsletter from Shoemoney (is it good or bad … I do not know)