Submit your article to ezines article suck. I said it now the best ezines alternative

In my previous post I said why I will never submit an article to ezines. It is good but I need to find a way to submit a great article that will help specific people. Last week I stumbled upon an article on my favorite blog from Tim Ferriss. It is a guest post about […]

Why I will never submit an article on ezines articles. Google spam

Year after year, I hear you should submit an article to ezines articles. They are the best articles business out there. They will help you drive traffic and get high quality incoming links. You need ezines to rank on google. Those are solid reasons I get all the time. Now look at ezines article website […]

Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest with zero competition

Shock… what’s up with shoemoney readers? I am surprise. I am shock. has over 100 000 readers and at 6 pm on December 28th, I only saw almost 20 applications…. I guess I should win just because I choose to act. I guess nothing is changing. Even in this video the last year’s winner was […]