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Facebook PR move about Privacy for facebook users

I was on Facebook this afternoon and I saw this news from Facebook in my news feed.

I follow the link and I found out this page:

facebook ads privacy

I find it very clever from Facebook. You must educate your user before the media do it for you.

It is also clear that in 2012 it’s all monetization for Facebook.

The most important thing I can lean about that: educate your user about you business all the time. Transparency is the best tool.

Spoiler alert: it cost around 1 billion dollars to run Facebook today….

I plan in 2012 to educate my users more. I also want to be more transparent.

2012 is going to be all about monetization and transparency for me too.


It is official Techcrunch is dead. RIP Techcrunch

I used to read techcrunch everyday. It was my first destination to lean and discover the startup world. I saw the evolution from almost day 1 up to now.

Unfortunately AOL bought Techcrunch. At first I was hopeful and maybe naïve that nothing is going to change.

Today December 16 2011 the last most important Techcrunch employee left the building Heater Harde.

After Mike Arrington then MG Siegler, Sarah lacy and even Paul Carr, the whole super star team is gone.

Right now I’m more on hacker news techmeme and reddit …. I also discover flipboad in the meantime.

It was a wonderful ride and beautiful website builds by Mike Arrington.

Today Techcrunch has no soul.

This is my comment on techcrunch:

danmm… Mike Arrington Sarah Lacy Heater Harde MG Siegler Paul Carr and we don’t hear Jason no more… the whole super star team is gone…. no disrespect to the new writers but it was a superstar team … danmm techrunch lost is soul …. techcrunh was more then just a tech news blog … it was the spirit of a culture …



Back to business

It was difficult to keep the website alive due to many Hackers attack. It affects my traffic and my community.

I’m ready to work twice harder to make sure you get the best content possible.

I have a ton of subject to share with you.

I have to update my status about Groupon, Etsy and other popular services to get the best out of them.

I’m still here to make sure BlackySky is going to survive forever.


See you soon