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I was very surprise today when I saw this news in TechCrunch the partnership between Groupon and Live nation to sell “exclusive” “discount” tickets.

I always have this idea to create a small product to disrupt this online second market tickets business.

As a user I don’t think this new solution is going to solve every problem in this huge market.

I don’t like Groupon for various reasons. It is a cool idea but they need to rethink their distribution strategy.


I will try to ship my ticket solution before the end of the summer. This ticket solution is going to be the solution I was always looking for in a tickets service.



  1. I am looking forward to hearing what your ideas are on a ticketing solution. I have never worked with the second market ticketing industry and don’t plan to. My team an I have created an application, for event hosts to sell tickets online to their local events without being bombarded with per-ticket fees. It would be great to see a similar pricing model for second market ticketing companies!

    Enjoy the week,

    1. It’s a nice idea but so far the best solution is a partnership with events promoters and artists. It’s really hard to keep cost low….
      As I can see you are competing with a successful company eventbrite … I am wondering how you can keep your prices so low ….

      1. Building a critical mass is obviously a key to our success and growth. We don’t believe event hosts should have to deal with the nickel and dime fees for their events. Although my business education tells me a minute percentage per ticket would be logical with hundreds of tickets sold per event, but we want to keep the brand and pricing model we are proud of and our users appreciate. I find that a large majority of our users are past eventbrite users that were tired of the fees. These tend to be the local-mid sized events who need every dollar possible.

        1. People love eventbrite because it is easy to use. At the same time a lot of people hate their pricing models. However the user experience forces them to use eventbrite again. I like your service so far but you must have a paypal account to use it. (maybe I’m wrong) Not everybody wants to open or manage a paypal account….

  2. Yes that’s especially true of folks throwing larger sized events. Right now our market is the smaller, local event size, typically under 500 people. They like the ease of PayPal and don’t want to wait for a ticketing app company to cut them a check for their proceeds. To your point though, and without going into too much detail, we recognize this other market needs another solution besides PayPal and will be having a surprise launch of a new service offering later this year.

    1. Great… I will write a post about your business later this week because people are looking for that eventbrite alternative.

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