How to send and receive zoosk mail without paying today with huge success

Yesterday I receive this question:

How can I send and receive zoosk emails without paying?

At first I was chock that people are still using Zoosk because Zoosk does not have the best dating service out there.

I would recommend using Badoo or POF. Badoo is a creepy service but at least it is free.

New UPDATE August 2013 : Test my new zoosk tool to read and send messages to a specif user now.

Anyway back to the question.

I use a very simple trick. This trick might not work anymore after I publish this article.

I create a new zoosk profile with the same username that I use on google profile or facebook or twitter (you choose).

I wink the person I like. In my profile I say clearly that you must search on any search engine my zoosk username profile to contact me. (note zoosk moderator seems to read profile manually now)

They usually end up on my twitter account.

It is a little bit complicated and a long process but I had a great success with this trick.

I was able to contact and meet 7 of 10 girls.

I highly recommend that you put your best picture and you write the best profile possible.

By the way I will never pay a dating site anymore.

I hope you enjoy my answer.


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  1. on zooks you can only send 1 message and read the first one you get. This i what i do. Turn off you wink, so you dont waste you only message. Then if i like someone i message then a message like ” hi, i am not a mem–ber so i can only send u 1 message, this one. but if u want to know more about me here is how. blabla64 @ used the engine that start ya hoo . c om i have to disguise the address so it dont get block… i wont disappoint u! it could be good 🙂 tell u more later” see by putting spacers in between dont of the message get block, if you dont use the spacers you email or contact information get block…. good luck orrrrr you can send your message and say i can only read the first 3 words of your message be clever! they had put for me emails and phone numbers… it works yayyyy

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