zoosk hack to read a message without spending money

UPDATE January 2016: Over 500 people a day use the zoosk hack app !!!!

It’s a big day because (June 28 2014) the brand new Zoosk search app is ready.

It is very straight forward and simple zoosk hack app.

You type the username that you are searching and press search. The system gives you a result if it finds the information you are looking for.

If you don’t find the user info then you can either put your info in the waiting list or try another username.

The waiting list is going to save your request for the next update every Saturday. Make sure to comeback often.

Keep in mind that this the version 1.0.  I’m waiting for your feedback.

Test the new zoosk hack app to read and send messages completely free here.

(Yes there is an ad page before you hit the tool because the page is very popular and I need some money just to keep it up… I know it’s  suck but at least the tool is free and you have a chance to find your special zoosk user so enjoy while you can. Of course I will update the tool on a regular basis  )


My zoosk hack search app version 1.0 is ready. You can contact a user faster without being a zoosk premium member.

You can test my zoosk hack search app right here. (the mini tutorial is below).

Seriously it was a crazy ride this year. Over 1000 came here to discover a way to contact a user on zoosk without paying.

Some people told me too bad for them.

I wasn’t agree because I know zoosk has fake profiles or dead profiles. Some people asked me how to hack the system. This is something I don’t want to do. I don’t like to break in system like that.

I almost abandoned the project. However the demand was so huge that I create a hack with Facebook new search engine system that you can test here.

It was great but far from perfection. Today I want to release my new app version 1.0 of my zoosk hack search by name .

After many internal tests, I can say it is the best option possible. The zoosk hack search app is slow now but it will go faster in a near future. I can not wait to read your e-mails about finding your soul mate.

Ok time to show you that zoosk hack search app to contact a user. Follow those instructions bellow:

Step 1

You will need the link and complete a mini form to contact a specific user: this is the link you need. don’t worry everything is safe !!! I’m on your side remember. No I won’t sell or share your information without your approval. 

Step 2

zoosk search by name

You complete the form. It is a fast and safe.

You give your username, city and your e-mail. Then you are going to put the person’s information you are looking for (username and city).

now I need this information to make sure the service works smoothly but in a near future I won’t need that much information.

Step 3

Every Saturday you may receive a response by e-mail if the zoosk hack search engine finds your specific user. ( so far the zoosk search is finding 15 person a day… I know it is slow)


Of course if the zoosk search finds nothing you receive nothing in your inbox… ( You can always contact me directly if you don’t receive no e-mails on saturday)


Right now I design my solution like that. In the future I will add new options and make the process even faster and smoothly.


Click here to test the NEW zoosk hack search app to read, write and find a specific user on Zoosk completely free 


Make sure you sign up to the e-mail newsletter to get the latest updates about the zoosk hack search engine.

Number 1 question I get all the time about this zoosk hack :

From a real user: Does this really work I’ve put like 5 or 6 people to chat and been waiting all day… you said saturdayay

My answer :It’s working .. I’ve been able to help over 100 people but now my page is really popular (over 200 unique request per day). I cannot go faster right now…. I work hard to make it go faster… patience ….. I know it’s not the answer you were looking for but that’s the best I can do now…. thank you


Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


  1. How can I get to the tool to hack zoosk because I can’t find it the site you link to is confusing and your explanation is vague can you tell me how to read and send messages to a zoos profile

  2. My dear friend can you help me read my messages on zooks, it will be wonderful to do so. I really want to respond to some emails there but don’t have access. Please help me if you can. Thanks

  3. I want to ask how can i request full name , address ,of a profile, i need to get in touch with the man i meet 6 months ago, we hang out and he forgot his cell phone on my car.I know when you pay to chat the zoosk have your visa number with all the full name and adress.All i need full name . Thanks

  4. Same,was wondering how I could reach in to receive and reply messages on the site,I’m missing out right now ,Can you helP?

  5. Can you help me find s zoosk user with this email address:


    Can you please show me his profile again? I only wrote down the email address. Forgot to write down his username. Think it was something like “the one”

  6. My username is mslizzieq and tigger2, I have 2 zoosk accounts I am trying to find a woman named Sincere1 she is from Overland Park KS.and also Kat she is also from Overland Park KS. I really want to get ahold of them if I can please.

  7. hey yes my name is david there is girl i would like to contact through zoosk i winked her and i she sent me a message i cant read the message nor can i send her a message is there any way to contact this person

    1. Tricked it changed my location for near where she lives quick search and found her lol so now I know her name how do I find her user name?

  8. Sooo… the blocked messages have to come through the app correct? Or is this hack a server side hack? Can packet editors/hex editors work? Is there messages in the page sourse? Can i have a hint please mate? Ill be stuffed if im goin to pay for a txt message geez im getting angry because ive had some intrest on my profile and i would love to know what is bieng said hate pondering about a bunch of what if’s lmfao grrrr @ zoosk helppppp meeeeee?

    1. it’s more a man in the middle strategy .. I cannot say more than that. The message is not in the source page but yes it is server side…. I hope to have something very soon.

    1. if you put your e-mail the system is going to contact you once it finds something … everything is automatic… The system is processing more than 500 request per day… this is huge. Keep in mind that the system is still a beta version therefore it is not perfect especially in big cities ….

  9. WOW amazing !!! I waited a long time buddy but oh boy oh boy !!! This morning you hooked me up with the best Christmas gift ever… I contacted the girl!!! finally !!! and she was happy !! I have a date now !! wow that’s crazy !!! thank you again!!! This service should be faster but it worked for me.

    1. I’m happy for you… Yes I know the service should faster !!! I know… As I write this down I’m testing an update to make everything 10 times faster hopefully !!!! Again Bravo… I know one cute couple from London UK now 🙂

  10. General Update: Be patient I receive over 150 requests per day . that’s a lot for a very young system. Hopefully it will go faster before the end of the year .so stay tuned

    1. Great question Dane ! Two main reasons. first to avoid profile errors because it is hard to scan zoosk profile without this information. I do work to remove those fields maybe in the next version.
      Second to make sure the other person wanna hear from you in the first place. In the alpha version someone was receiving 100s messages a day. not cool ! so I try to filter all this to make sure no one receive an e-mail spam alert or something… it is a work in progress…..

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