Zoosk hack and zoosk free membership: update January 2013

Zoosk hack and Zoosk free membership.

new August 2013:  Test my new zoosk free tool to read and send free messages

HoT new Case Study: You must read this new Case Study to contact people on Zoosk now 

Seriously, I received over 1000 emails for those subjects alone. The common theme was simple.

How can I send and receive messages on Zoosk without being a paid member?….You get the point without paying one cent….

Of course the quick answer is to not use zoosk in the first place. However, You are not here to hear that and I understand that.

Let’s dive in those big subjects.

The first subject is Zoosk hack.


Before I tell you the big zoosk hack in 2013 you should test the old ones since 2010:


Ok you have zero success so far. Great you are not alone.

Zoosk people are watching my website too (I see you Zoosk people don’t hide I won’t bite).

Yeah Zoosk people make it harder and harder.

In 2013 I decide to release my big dating app killer project (hopefully before valentine day). In the meantime I was able to get away with this simple hack.

 My anti zoosk free solution

My username on zoosk is the same as my twitter (before I change it). That’s the best I can do for you before I release my killer dating app project.


Then I’m like why you should wait for my killer dating app. You can act now right here. It’s 2013 and you deserve a fresh start.


The idea is simple. Do you see the comment section below…? Great!

 My zoosk free message solution

All you have to do is to say hey my username is XXXXX on zoosk and you can contact me on twitter or instagram or facebook ect…. and I want to contact YYYYY on zoosk…. the last part is optional of course but might be useful ….

Right now I won’t allow e-mail address (maybe in my killer dating app).

Are you going to have the success you deserve with this simple hack… maybe not right away but it is free and you have nothing to lose right now? Or you can always pay a zoosk membership… (Bad idea).

The service is here so use it or tell me how you wish to meet your perfect someone.

It’s time to get a zoosk free membership again

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


  1. Hi my user name on zoosk is zerlinda you can reach me on facebook by the same name I want to contact truth on zoosk

  2. My username on zoosk is tomas enbom and i will contact Cimpan on zoosk and my facebook name is tomas enbom

  3. Hey my username is Kamryn Garant on zoosk and you can contact me on Twitter (TCDarkness), Instagram (kamryn_g), or Facebook (Kamryn Garant) and I want to contact Dona on zoosk.

  4. hey my zoosk user is pyro.dubz and i want to contact angelcakes you can contact my on twitter @pyro_fowl

  5. Hey my zoosk user name is cheesie123 and I want to contact Tired Of Single Life you can contact me at

  6. hey my username is DJ Smak on zoosk and you can contact me on twitter or instagram or facebook (Selector Spice) ect…. and I want to contact Effie on zoosk….

  7. Hi my zoosk name is Ruh Roh and I want to contact catchmeifyoucan. You can contact me via fb Jaime Andres Ducaud Martinez or

  8. Hi my zoosk name is bonitapeligro and I want to contact Tony. You can contact me via fb Sylvia Cueva

  9. Hi, my username on zoosk is steef and I want to contact blondie18. You can contact me via FB my user name steef de roos thanks.

  10. Hi my username on zoosk is tsexy and I want to contact metaljeff83. You can contact me on FB by my username Shea LaRoux. Thanks.

  11. Hi, my username on Zoosk is Andrew and you can contact me at the email address I porvided and I want to connect to a username on Zoosk called angela.

  12. My name is Sslazze on Zoosk and I want to meet RIVERTEARS, She left me part of her phone number in a message and I can’t see it! Ely Henderson for facebook.

  13. My name is Tylor Hughes and my Zoosk name is Ty I’m looking to contact Angel4FunFaye. You can find me on twitter @therealthughes.

  14. Hey my username is rebel.angel.4 on zoosk and i am trying to reach james54321 my facebook is jacqueline kristan.

  15. hey rick, im trying to contact MissJune* on zoosk, my zoosk name is bigbird99 facebook is Craig Bird in langley bc, Thanks!

  16. Hey Rick, I’m trying to contact Nadichka on Zoosk, my Zoosk name is L0verInDisguise, Facebook is mark chapman, Twitter is mark_chapman17! Thanks!

  17. Im trying to contact Beahbabe on zoosk, my zoosk name is Arbiter9106, Facebook is Scott Binge, twitter is scott.binge

  18. My username on Zoosk is Airman Zac and Twitter is A Freakn Watard. Skype is zac.orten and Facebook is Zac Orten.

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