Zoosk message free and Facebook graph search update

I received a major news today. I did not know that Facebook graph search was not open to everyone.

 New August 2013: zoosk search engine to find and contact a specif user

Now I know why many people had trouble with my zoosk free tutorial.

Today my US readers are going to have Facebook graph search.-I hope or at least this week-

new facebook graph search

The cool thing about this search tool is to target specific people with gazillion criteria.


Hopefully you are going to have it this week.


In the meantime I’m still working on a new zoosk free tool – I won’t called it that way -. It is not an hack because hacking a website is bad.-even illegal-

It is something a little bit more useful. I’m building a search engine for people.

If you have any interest in that you can always contact me to shoot your ideas or skills.


I was part time on the project but I’ll be full time in 2 weeks.

At least my UK readers was able to play with the Facebook graph search and find hot girls from zoosk without breaking zoosk system(very important).

Success  from my UK reader

zoosk free feedback

Again I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that the Facebook graph search was on Beta and limited to beta users only.


Right after you are able to get Facebook search graph feel free to use it and share you tips and feedbacks in the comment section below. Together we can do a great job.


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  1. fine just want to know how to open those emails without having to pay so I’ve been reading and reading and I was able to get these coins but not enough coins for free and it says I need more coins so maybe I’m not going aboutUn and I was able to get these coins but not enough coins for free and it says I need more coins so maybe I’m

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