Why you should not use tagged?

For every legit profile you are going to find 10 fake profiles.

Don’t believe me, go test it.

First I am going to tell you my tagged scam story and then how you can avoid it.

I love Tagged despite the title above but today I did not like my experience. I hope none of my friends get the same low experience. However I was able to meet wonderful people. Unfortunately, I also came across fake profiles.

I mean every day I discover 100 of fake profiles… it is a real problem at Tagged.

Those scammers are getting smarter… This time my scammer did everything by hand.

Tagged scam

It was obvious it was a scam but I contact “her” anyway. Pictures were too good to be true.

I continue. She was in my city so I send her a message.

Right away she asked me for my cell number…

I was suspicious then I asked unconventional questions to make sure it was not a bot behind those messages. I was still skeptic about the whole thing.

I gave my number anyway (not a good idea)….

Hours later I receive this text message:

Free sms: Janine wants a private chat with U! $2/ msg reply yes to start chatting!

I stop it right away. Tagged right now is the perfect place for scammers to test their dating scams stuff. A great website turns out to be the worst find new friends’ website.

I don’t think they will change something because they love those ads page views money.

My recommendation: stay away from Tagged. I won’t recommend any of my friends to sign up to Tagged.


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