Why you should not use and stay away from Zoosk now?

I received too much e-mails and comments about zoosk from you….

It is time to give my quick answer: I don’t recommend Zoosk to my friends.

Now I’m going to answer all your questions.

Can I help you contact anyone on zoosk 100% free.

My quick answer is no. I was able before but now I don’t have time or my strategy doesn’t work.

Real or fake profiles on zoosk?

You may find fake profiles like any dating websites but zoosk is different. Zoosk is like a ghost town. The vast majority are not going to pay so they will not stay active very long.

Trust me if you do not plan to pay then you must stay away from the website. Okcupid is a great alternative.

Did you like zoosk customer service?

No period. Now I heard they have a phone number now nevertheless I hate their customer service and I’m not alone. Maybe with their customer support phone number it is better. I can’t tell you because I have not tested it.

I have a problem with zoosk, can you help me?

Quick answer is no. You should call them. If you cannot find a solution with them contact me and I will post your story. On top of that you must contact your local consumer protection organization; they can give you the perfect steps to follow.

My recommendation: stay away from zoosk… I said it now you can do whatever you want.


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