Why I quit zimbio even with a large web traffic flow from them

Having a large web traffic flow is great but having only quality web traffic is 10 times better.

Should I have more web traffic or less quality web traffic?

This is my dilemma and I solve it pretty easily.

I quit zimbio for several reasons

1)      I help them rank better

2)      They use my bandwidth to load my pictures… I can have an increase of my server resource without any web traffic increase.

3)      They don’t pay me for all the content I send them

Those reasons push me to stop sending my web traffic to them and start receiving unique and high quality traffic.

I highly suggest to anyone to stop sharing their unique and original content to website like zimbio. You should keep your content for you and find a way to promote it. The more you have quality and unique content the more your website will worth something out there. Exclusivity is the key to attract way more traffic.

I hope zimbio will understand my decision.

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