Watch drake the rapper live in Atlanta with So far gone songs online

It’s all about drake now. I told you he was the next big rapper to blow out. If you don’t know his name by now, that mean you wasn’t following hip hop lately.

Now you may have heard about his music but we can tell someone is talented when he is on a stage live.

This is your lucky day to watch Drake in action.

Sit back relax because it is a 27 minutes 31 seconds show.

Watch drake in action live on a stage in Atlanta

Studio43 Films Presents: DRAKE from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Ok now you know drake has a real and pure talent. Make sure to share this show with your friend.

I suggest you share it with pure hip-hop lover.

By the way, if you have not the mixtape it is time to get it now

You will thank me later to share this pure classic with you.


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